anniversary goodness

Broc and I both decided that the one year mark is a pretty big deal so why not celebrate all weekend. We both took Friday off of work so we could really start things off early. I woke up for my morning class on Friday and Broc handed me a piece of paper and said be there by 10:30 before he fell right back asleep. The paper had a map on it that lead me to a 1 hr massage!
I have never had a professional massage before so I was totally stoked.
And after dancing multiple times a week, my body sure needed one.

It was heaven.

When I got home Broc was looking all handsome and irresistible and behind him on the chair was the leather jacket I have wanted for so long. He did a great job. And he said it only took him 2 times to target and every store in the mall to find it. Isn't he the best?
But that's not all.

He handed me another sheet of paper. They were ticket to the Cirque du Soleil show "Ka" in Las Vegas. I screamed I was so excited. He said "Get dolled up because that's tonight". Of course then we went to Durangos for lunch and I gave him my gifts. He has wanted the Encyclopedia of Mormonism for such a long time now. I know, I married a camouflaged geek.
(He tells me that there is a fine line between a "nerd" and a "geek" and wants me to respect that)
I also got him new temple clothes because he has always rented and I wanted him to have his very own set. I think he was pleased.


We drove down to Vegas and I could hardly contain my excitement.
It was hard for me to keep my hands off of Broc too. I have one handsome husband.


The show was INSANE!! Seriously though.
Broc kept saying under his breath "OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH!"
and I kept holding my breath until I would realized I hadn't breathed through an entire song. I definitely recommend it.



We had to drive home that night to make my 5 am dance practice but as soon as that ended we started celebrating some more. We went to breakfast, the Jubilee of Trees, and then out to dinner with both of our parents.
To sit with our parents, the two most perfect marriages we know,
and have them tell us that they are proud of us and
our marriage meant more to me than they'll ever know.
Marriage is hard. It is tough. It is tiring. It is sacrifice.
But it is the best thing that has every happened to me.
I cannot believe Broc and I have one year down and an eternity to go.
I can't wait.


The best year of our lives

My mind is blown.
I cannot believe it has been one year since the day we got married.
It seems like just yesterday we were picking wedding colors, meeting with the caterer, and sewing beads on my dress.
Seriously where has the time gone?!
All I can say is that it has been the best year of my life.
Every time I refer to Broc as my "husband", I still get so happy and when I come home to our cute little place every day, I am reminded how wonderful marriage is.

Here are the highlights and memories of our first year together

I love you Broc Hafen.
Always have.
Always will.


beginning the holidays

This past Sunday we decided it was about time to take the annual family Christmas card photo. The ten of us piled into the suburban with a tripod, my camera and everyone in a clean pair of clothes. Everyone got set while I set the camera and then "click", I would RUN and dive into position just in time to smile before the self timer would go off. It was actually quite funny. At least the cop sitting in his car at the end of the street thought so as he watched the whole thing from a distance.
There's nothing like ringing in the holidays like snapping a photo dressed in jackets, boots and scarves to make everyone believe it's cold outside.
When really we all know it's still in the mid 60's.
Oh Christmas in Dixie... I can't wait.