One Month!

In one month from today we'll be Mr. and Mrs. Hafen.
Here's a sneak peek at our session tonight.
Katie, your prayers worked. It started pouring rain just minutes after we finished.
Can't wait to see the rest! Thanks Errin Andrus Photography!


Underestimated the BEYOND

Today Broc and I went to register at Bed Bath & BEYOND. Thinking it was going to take no more than a half hour or so, we went in with empty stomachs and smiling faces. We walked in and expected to get right with the scanning but the customer service rep Samantha, took us into a designated office specifically for gift registry. We listened to a whole presentation about fine china and luggage. We got more information in that half hour with the her about wedding registry than we thought existed. She took us on a tour of the store and pointed out to us that the section with measuring cups, ice cream scoopers, and cheese graters lining the wall from floor to ceiling was the "kitchen essentials" area. I thought it was obvious. Samantha was just doing her job. And she was great at it. Thanks Samantha. Here are some of the instruction she gave us...
1. You want to register for 2 to 3 times the amount of people you are inviting to the wedding.
-that put us at over 2,000 items "ideally" to scan. By the end we got to 248.
2. If you scan an item and you want to erase it from the registry just scan the "oops" bar code in the HUGE catalog you received during the presentation.
-With Broc handling the scanner and playing the game "lets see how far away this thing can scan from" We used that "oops" bar code all day.
3. This is your chance to get the things that you really want. Go ahead and pick out the things that are worth most to you and you would want as a gift.
-Broc registered for a new razor and I scanned for the snuggie.So with these few pointers, we were off. We completely underestimated the time this would take until Samantha found us an hour later in the same area we started in to offer us water bottles. She said "I know how draining this can be". We knew then that we were in for the long haul.

Something that I didn't know is that Broc is kind of obsessed with dyson vacuums. So if any of you people reading this are rich enough to buy us the dyson vacuum, Broc would greatly appreciate it. As we were looking at the more reasonable priced vacuums, I spotted a nice inexpensive vacuum that was a light shade of purple. This was Broc's response word for word "Eh..." as he tilts is head and squints his eyes "I don't like the color. But I mean... if you'll do most of the vacuuming... I'm game". Lets just say we registered for an orange one.
We were furiously scanning items to try to get up to the 2,000+ suggested so that when we returned back to Samantha, she didn't think we were retarded and indecisive. We scanned some pretty interesting things including a grilled cheese maker, a single egg frying pan with a handle shaped as an egg with chicken features, a movie projector, Christmas garland, a crock-pot the size of an orange and the already mentioned snuggie. The items that barely missed the list in fear of embarrassment or actually receiving these items were the magnified toenail clippers, the "erin" heart keychain, the pig shaped kitchen timer, and the strap perfect bra concealer clip as seen on infomercials.

We didn't actually make it to 2,000 items before we were wasted and hungry beyond belief. So you all can duke it out for the 248 random items we did register for. There is actually a lot more BEYOND than they make you think. Thanks again Samantha, those water bottles saved our lives today.