Product Review

I am a girl.
I love getting ready like any other girl. 
Here is what I use and why I love it.

You may notice that I didn't put mascara on this. 
That is because I have eyelash extensions from the best
lash girl in Southern Utah. Seriously love them.

counting down.

Well it is hard to believe we are almost at 31 weeks.
The more unbelievable part is that our baby girl will be here in just two short months.
I'll tell you what, I have thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant. 
There is something so magical and miraculous about having a heavenly spirit growing inside of you.  

But... I am about to the point that I want to officially meet this little girl!
And I don't think I am the only one who is getting a little anxious. 
Today, the 2 year old little boy I babysit said to me 
"Awe baby! (points to my belly) Just open it!"

I am starting to feel uncomfortable like... um... 
100% of the time. 
Putting shoes on has turned into a heavy breathing task and I have never wanted something so much as I have wanted this pillow!

Doesn't it look just magical? Yes, pregnancy is starting to take it's affect on my brain.
Come on November 3rd.
I want to cuddle my baby girl up.


A baby post.

Sweet baby Hafen is sure making herself known in the world.
She is quite the active little missy.

How far along?  29 weeks
Total weight gain/loss?  15 lbs.
Maternity clothes?  Just bought my first pair of maternity pants this week. Boy oh boy they are so much better than rubber banding my button.
Stretch marks? None, thank goodness.
Sleep? I only get a good nights sleep in my own bed with a pillow in between my legs.
Best moment last week? Watching my stomach ripple when we lay in bed at night.
Movement?  Oh yeah. Lots of kicking to my rib. Broc sometimes whispers to her to calm down because it's bedtime.
Food cravings? Water. I am ALWAYS thirsty!
Gender? One sweet girl
Labor signs? None
Belly button in/out? My innie is definitely getting more shallow. 
What I miss: Having a my whole closet of clothes to choose from.
What I am looking forward to: Seeing my daughter. I dream about it almost every night!

I left my heart in San Fransisco

 Last weekend Broc and I had the amazing opportunity to go visit the my dad's younger sister Lisa and her family in the bay area. 

Lisa and Jason live in the GORGEOUS city of Palo Alto. I have never been so in love with a neighborhood than the one they live in. The houses are to die for and the oak trees that line the streets while their branches high five each other over the road makes it beyond dreamy. One of my favorite parts of the trip was going for a morning walk in the gorgeous 80 degree weather. Not to mention that they live a couple blocks away from Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Young. 
In fact, Steve Young taught sunday school when we went to church with them. 

The first day was spent in Palo Alto touring Stanford with Aunt Lisa, going to lunch with Uncle Jason, Mini Golfing with the Peery clan and dinner in downtown Palo Alto.

The next day Jason and Lisa let us take their car into San Fransisco.
We fell in love with this city... everything about it.

We were even able to meet up with Broc's mission buddy Clayton and his wife Melanie.

We could not have had a more fun weekend/mini vacation.
And we owe it all to this wonderful family. 
Thank you Jason, Lisa, Scotty, Allie, Matthew, Tyler, Sadie, and Brady!
We love you!


Once every summer the Wade family gathers together on the 
Carlsbad beach for a few days of blissful living. 
It is a little bit of heaven mixed with soccer, volleyball, sand castle building, and rook. 
This year we were able to get everyone there but two 
(we missed you Lauren and Eric). 
Whenever we are together life is just a little bit better.

I could not get enough of these twins!

And did I mention that Wades are competitive?

Semi-finals of the rook championship tournament.
Uncle Brent and I took it home and won the crow trophy!

Couldn't ask for a better way to spend a summer weekend than with these people. 
It is here that I am reminded how important family is, 
and just how cool of a family I have been blessed with.