Halloween 2013

Let's face it, holidays are just better with kids.
A couple years ago, I would have pictured myself saying quite the opposite since I thoroughly enjoyed going to college halloween parties and such.
But nothing beats getting the little one all dolled up and ready to go and then watching her face when she experiences halloween for the first time. I cannot even wait until we introduce her to Santa.
Halloween was spent spread out across the town, like most of our holidays.
From Grandma Wade's, to Grandma Sue's, and then back to Mimi's house, 
by the end we kind of looked like zombies.
Broc, Norah and I passed out the candy at my parents house. Norah thought it was the greatest thing ever. What more could she ask for? Dozens of kids, crazy costumes and candy.
She downed a twix bar before we even knew she had it.
Our little Snow White made our first halloween as parents so delightful. 
(this excludes the halloween 2 years ago when Broc and I actually dressed up as parents)