Birthday Boy!

Today is Broc's twenty second birthday! 22! I still feel like we're 17 but Broc gets told on a pretty regular basis that he looks at least 26 so I guess it's time he start looking like his age. I thought I would dedicate a post just better introducing you to the birthday boy and my cute and adorable husband. Here's some fun facts about Broc Knowles Hafen...

1. Broc was born on Jan. 25th 1989 in St. George Regional Medical Center.
2. According to his mom, he was a chunky baby!
3. He is the second of four kids. Sandwiched between two blonde haired brothers.
4. As a toddler he would walk around the neighborhood with nothing but cowboy boots on.
5. Broc's hair had to be perfectly parted and slicked for school as a kid.
6. He played baseball when he was young and hated it.
7. His hair was strawberry blonde when he was little.
8. He lived in the same neighborhood his whole life until he went on his mission.
9. His best friend Peter taught him to play soccer.10. And video games.
11. He LOVES soccer, video games, and Peter.
12. He was in a middle school band.
13. He got his drivers license 6 months after he turned sixteen because he was fine with riding with Peter every day.
14. When he did get his license he drove around a 1970's orange chevy.
15. He was one of the best artists in high school even when starting and finishing assignments the morning of.
16. Before I really knew him, someone described Broc to me as a "chick magnet".
17. Broc passed every AP test he took, even AP Calculus without a calculator.
18. He loves fruity candy. Especially skittles.
19. He use to throw his spare change in the garbage until I made him save up to go to a concert with me.
20. He bites his fingernails when he's bored.21. He played soccer his sophomore year of high school.
22. He had braces.
23. And has a heart murmur.
24. And gorgeous eyes.
25. He's a Mountain Dew fan.
26. Broc is the most ticklish person I know.
27. He once turned the back bed of his truck into a Mountain Dew cooler.
28. He was on the exec. counsel in high school.
29. He almost stole the keys from the dogs mouth on Pirates of the Caribbean in Disney Land.
30. Broc use to write poetry. I'm trying to get him to start again.
31. He was called to serve in Madagascar from 2008-2010
32. He learned Malagasy.
33. And lost 40 lbs. on his mission.
34. And wrote home every week.
35. He made some best friends on the mission.
36. He spent nearly 3 days traveling home...alone.
37. He became a Chris Brown fan.
38. He worked at Olive Garden before and after his mission.39. Broc loves guns much to his wife and mothers dismay.
40. He took my dad golfing to ask for my hand in marriage.
41. He doesn't golf.
42. He doesn't like white ankle socks. Must be mid-calf and black.
43. He's color blind.
44. He could eat Durangos every day of the week.
45. He is very protective of what boys his sister Sage dates and has become the same way with my sisters.
46. His mom calls him Broccer.
47. He wanted to be a doctor before his mission but changed his mind to business.
48. He gets his homework done the night before and never saves it for the morning.
49. He loves pickles.
50. And rice.
51. He thinks Malagasy music is "sick". (he's across the room right now listening to it and that was his exact comment."
52. He lays his clothes out every night.
53. His favorite scripture is D&C 6:36
54. I think he secretly wishes he could dance.
55. He likes to leave large tips.
56. He doesn't like back massages.
57. Or hot chocolate. Two things I cannot live without.
58. He likes things neat and organized.
59. He liked his hair long before his mission and likes it short after.
60. He always has Streetlight Manifesto songs stuck in his head.
61. Broc loves ham.
62. And chicken.
63. He can't fall asleep with the tv on no matter how late it is.
64. He always smells delicious.
65. He's loyal to his friends.
66. Material things don't mean much of anything to Broc.
67. He has an eye for detail and design.
68. He wraps himself in a green blanket every night when doing his homework.
70. He has a freckle on his lower lip.
71. He almost always has facial hair.
72. He is awesome at cleaning.
73. He does our laundry.
74. He enunciates very clearly when he's talking on the phone.
75. Broc works for a company called Botanicals.
76. He loves youtube videos.
77. He's adorable when he laughs.
78. He flosses before he brushes.
79. He falls asleep on his back.
80. Broc loves watching the discovery channel.
81. He has a valued opinion.
82. He loves spending time with his friends.
83. He once climbed out of the back window of a truck into the bed while his friend was driving on the freeway.
84. He has never broken a bone.
85. He always has clean toes.
86. Broc can't leave a restaurant table messy.
87. He likes his car super clean.

88. He likes to feel appreciated.
89. He gives genuine compliments to others.
90. He reads his scriptures every night.
91. He rarely uses lotion, if ever.
92. He married his high school sweetheart just like his parents.

93. He only wears a few select ties.
94. He makes funny faces in pictures almost more than he smiles for them.
95. He yells "honey I'm home!" when he comes home from work.
96. The first matrix is his favorite movie but hates the others.
97. He has more than one BEST friend.
98. He sings loud in church. And in his car. But not in the shower.
99. He's sarcastic. Although he thinks that's a bad thing.

100. He loves summer and wearing flip flops.
101. He has a terrible memory.
102. He's 6 feet tall.
103. Broc wears a waterproof watch.
104. And two rings.
105.Like I said earlier, he looks much older than his age.
106. His grandmas adore him.
107. His friends look up to him.
108. His brothers respect him.
109. He's made me the happiest girl in the world.
110. He's the best husband, son, brother, friend, and just all around person ever.

Happy Birthday Broc!
You are loved.


Sometimes when you're married, the best stories you have are embarrassing ones.

So... we were ever so blessed to move into a place that was fully furnished with couches, a tv, a washer and dryer, etc. Whenever we would do the wash, the dryer would make a "rrrrrrr" sound when the load would finish. We could never get it to start on the setting cold/cold so we were washing everything warm/cold and it seemed to be doing just fine; except the fact that our colors were a little duller and our whites weren't so bright. Well last night Broc came in to bed saying that he fixed the washer. I didn't know that anything was seriously wrong so I couldn't imagine what he fixed. He said " I hooked up an extra hose that was just hanging down and now we can wash our clothes cold/cold!" It's funny the things that bring you excitement and fulfillment when you're married. We laid in bed until it dawned on us both that the "rrrrrrrr" sound at the end of a cycle always happened when the nob was on "rinse". Our cycle was set to warm/cold. So the "rinse" part was suppose to be the "cold" part and the "cold" tube wasn't hooked up to the washer till last night. We've been wearing un-rinsed clothes for the past two months. Fantastic.

Embarrassing story number duos. We were completely and totally out of food in our apartment last night so for FHE Broc and I made a run to Walmart. I went straight from work and got there a couple minutes before Broc so I decided instead of waiting for him by the walmart greeter I would make a quick run to the bathroom. I walked in and there was one stall open so of course I took it. I called Broc to find out where he was and by the time I left the stall I was the only one in the restroom. I stood in the mirror washing my hands and scrubbing pen off my face that I mysteriously got there at work when I heard the voice of a little boy talking extremely loud outside by the drinking fountain. He was asking his dad to go in to the bathroom with him and it sound like their voices were coming closer and closer. In my mind I kept thinking "oh my goodness! They're coming into the girls bathroom! This is going to be awkward! Do I have time to run into the stall and save them embarrassment?". But instead I just stood there frozen when around the corner came the little boy I had heard and his very grown up father. They both froze. I was still as frozen as the piece of chicken in my freezer. The dad was the one to break the awkwardness and he said "either you're in the boys bathroom or we're in the ladies, but either way this is really awkward. But I'm pretty sure this is the boys..." I was speechless. I quickly walked out and when I saw the stick figure in pants I yelled back to him "you're right!". I just hope no one saw me exiting. Meanwhile I found Broc waiting where I should have been, by the Walmart greeter.


Miss Brooke

Ya know those gaggy nicknames that every couple has for each other? Baby face, love button, butt nugget? Chris McCann I don't know you yet but stop calling Jessica Marshall that. It's just gross. Broc's always called me Miss Brooke. Ever since he knew that was my middle name. He gave me a ring before he left on his mission with "Miss Brooke" engraved on the inside. Every letter he addressed to me on his mission was addressed to "Miss Brooke". Last night I fell asleep on the couch while he was playing a game on the computer and he woke me up an hour later telling me he had something for me. A star. A star he named Miss Brooke.
So when you look up in the night sky, look at the coordinates
RA 2H 9m 35.35s, and Declination 58 6m 4.35s
if you know what the heck that means and you'll see her. My star.
haha feel free to gag now.