A couple months ago a lady came into my work and while I was processing her transaction she started telling my co-workers and I about her weekend at Roos-n-more. Roos-n-more is a crazy awesome hands-on zoo in the middle of absolutely nowhere! Well Moapa Nevada to be more specific. After this woman left, I immediately looked it up on the internet. This place is only open a few random days a week so in February I wrote in my planner on May 30th that we would go. Broc and I have been stoked ever since. We decided to take Bryn and Lex with us and also our friend Devin. Roos-n-more is only about an hour away from St. George and well worth the trip. Some of the most exotic animals the world has to offer and it's all hands-on! We had a ball.
Check it out here!


I see trees of green

Broc's family has property on the east side of Zion Nation Park that he has spent his childhood weekends roughin it out. While he was on his mission his Grandpa H. Val replaced his trailer with a beautiful cabin and has been trying to get Broc and I to go up for some time now. Well this weekend finally allowed for a little vaca so we didn't hesitate at the thought. My family decided to join us. I was amazed at how beautiful everything was. Broc has described this place to me for years. We had a fantastic time 4-wheeling, cuddling on couches, roasting giant marshmallows, watching humming birds for hours, playing 6 man rook and just kickin back for a couple days.
Man what a wonderful world.




Broc's baby sister Sage is graduating High School this week!
And it is blowing both of our minds.
We were just talking about how it's been
since Broc and I graduated High School. It seemed like just yesterday.

Sage was just twelve years old when I met her and she has grown into a beautiful girl!
Broc and I consider ourselves so lucky to have her as a sister!
Congrats Sage! We love you!


The party of the year!

Cindy's 35th birthday was celebrated on saturday and it was camp rocked out! We played camp rock bingo, watched Cindy, Joe, and Caroline show off their moves to Jonas Brothers songs, and enjoyed good food and Heidi's honey cheese cake! Nothing beat the smile on Cindy's face when she opened the Zack Efron poster that Broc and I gave her though. It was priceless. She's a light in our families lives and we love celebrating her!
Happy Birthday Cindy!!!!





We'll drink to that

Happy 6 Month Anniversary!
I love you Mr. Hafen.



Oh man.
I spent the morning at the dentist and no one could have described my experience better than my good friend Bill Cosby. I'm numb from the middle of my throat to my eyeball.
It's rather funny.
And it's even funnier watching half my mouth laugh at this video clip while the other half sits in my lap.


MAY the celebrations begin

The month of May is full of our loved ones birthdays. Here is a little tribute to you guys!

Broc has one amazing father. Anyone who knows Travis Hafen knows what a great guy he is! Although he's a man of few words, he has a heart full of gold and we love him!


Mitch is definitely considered one of our bestest friends and has been for a long time now. This year he got the best birthday present ever... a fiance! Congrats Mitch and Kim! We're excited for the big day!


My best friend since birth which just happens to be my cousin, but should have been my sister celebrates her birthday on Cinco de Mayo every year. This year she spent it traveling instead of having the annual Cinco de mustache party. We will celebrate the right way if she ever decides to leave the pits of provo and come home :)

She is the best person I know. Period. She deserves the best day ever and we plan to give it to her. P.S. isn't she the prettiest thing you ever did see?

Cindy's birthday is the biggest event of the year in the Wade Family. Last year there was a special appearance from the Jonas Brothers (Broc loved that wig). This year it's a Camp Rock 2 party. We all can't wait!


Those days

Do you ever have those days where you feel like you're slowly drowning?

And life keeps throwing you surprises

Feel like you've got all the weight on your shoulders?

You just want to hide, curl up, and take a nap

And be lazy

Because you're feeling a little bigger than usual

Are there days where you feel like nothing sets you apart, nothing makes you different

You have WAY too much to swallow

And the timing in your life is just...well.....off


take some time to just sit back and hang loose

Have some down time with a loved one

And go for a little adventure

Things will all stack up right in the end

Know that you are special. And that's what makes you different

Realize you can make your mark in the world

And someone has always got your back

Just remember you are loved

And that life is sweet
Remember that on "those" days.
(Photos courtesy of Ashley's lap top. Thanks, I would have been so bored at work today)


my best friends wedding

May 7th was a long time coming for these two having endured 2 years of dating, 2 years of mission/waiting, 6 months of more dating and 6 months of engagement. Lets just say that we were all so excited for this day to come. The festivities started the night before with a wedding dinner. I think these pictures are just precious because you don't see these two cry like EVER but they were a little teary that night. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-sx-yftv1nMk/TcgayfemozI/AAAAAAAAAsA/TSEppKxj53k/s1600/jess.jpg

The weather was HOT
the bride was beautiful
the family was together
the color was yellow
the day was perfect


And after a night of partying...

She left as a McArthur

And she couldn't be happier.


To the best of the best.

I have always thought my mom was the best mom in the whole wide world.
And she is.
But what's crazy is that Broc has the best mom in the whole wide world too!
How did we get so lucky?
Nobody beats these two. Nobody.
We love you more than anything.
Happy Mothers Day!!


I'm a real wife now

I grew up to the smell of homemade bread. Almost every Sunday a warm loaf (or five) would be waiting for my family when we came home from church. I have thought about making bread a time or two since we've been married but we didn't get any bread pans for our wedding. A couple weeks ago we obtained a bread maker from a yard sale. It has just been taking up space in our teeny tiny pantry until today. That's right, about 20 minutes before I was suppose to be at church I decided to try out the thing. Keep in mind I've NEVER made bread before. My mom is a pro but I being the busy teenager I was never took the time to learn.
(Luckily this bread maker really does all the work for you).
So today when we came into the apartment after church I was so excited to walk in and get a woof of that delicious fresh bread smell. I was a little worried that we'd come home to a burnt down apartment. I kept saying to Broc
"I'm a real wife now!"



This weekend we also went to see my sister Taylor in her dance concert.
She did fabulous!


And I had to share this picture of Broc. He was very proud of this magic trick he made up at Durangos this week.