Special Agent Oso

Norah has a crush.
On Special Agent Oso. 
Obsessed would be an understatement. 
This girl could watch him solve problems for hours. 
Dora is okay and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is cool every once in a while, but Oso has heart.

I mean it does look pretty captivating right??
Too bad Netflix only has one season so we have seen every episode probably 400 times. 

Dixie Round Up 2013

There are a few things that make me especially proud to be called a St. Georgian. The Dixie Round Up Rodeo every September is one of them. We have been sitting in the same seats, with the same people for as long as I can remember. I was especially excited to share this tradition with Norah this year. To say the least, she loved it. The horses, the hats, the company, the music, she is a St. Georgian. 

P.S. isn't this the sweetest picture of her and my Grandpa Stan? 
He is my Grandpa, my hero and part of my soul. 


Norah :: 10 months

Over the last ten months, this little 20 lb. bundle of joy has truly become my best little friend.
I can't imagine life without her and when I am not with her, my heart longs for her.
I am still working up the courage to leave her alone for a night away with the husband.
Truthfully, I think it would be harder on me than her.
The past ten months, the world has been a better place.
We love you Norah Mae.

Norah in a nutshell:: Ten months
-She walks EVERYWHERE. I think she has finally figured out that it is much more efficient than crawling.
-She holds out a note while patting her mouth created the "ah ah ah ah ah" indian call.
-Norah hugs all of her stuffed animals and baby dolls when they are handed to her. It is probably the sweetest thing I have ever seen.
-She gave me my first real kiss on the lips yesterday. She went all the way with a wide open mouth.
-She loves yogurt, peaches and gold fish crackers.
-Whenever she eats ANYTHING, she bites and says "Mmm' immediately after.
-She could watch Special Agent Oso for 5 hours straight if we would let her.
-She HATES sleeping alone and always whimpers her way into our bed.
-She looks so grown up when we put her hair in pig tails.
-There is not one place we go that at least two strangers don't tell me how beautiful my baby is.
-She has to stick everything in her mouth.
-She is getting four teeth on top! That is six teeth total! Where did my newborn go??