Birthday Boy

Broc turned 24 this last weekend and I can't help but think about all that he has done and accomplished in his 23rd year of life! Graduated with his associates degree, bought a house, became a father etc. I sure got lucky with this handsome and ambitious man. 
This year for his birthday we celebrated mostly the day after. As part of my present to him I let him go coyote hunting with his buddy without any complaining from me. I think he liked that just as much as he liked the weight bench I also gave him. 
Broc my dear, you are loved more than you know and I am so happy/excited/thrilled to be able to spend every birthday together till we are at least 120 years old. You are the best.



I have been dreading this day for a while now. 
So much so that it was actually scheduled for a couple weeks ago but I just wasn't ready. 
Broc couldn't make it and my mom couldn't bear to go 
(7 kids x 6 shot appointments = 42 heartbreaking moments of her own) 
so I dragged Taylor along for moral support, for Norah of course ;)
This little peach did very good though, and I held it together surprisingly.
Current stats: 13.06 lbs, 24.25 inches long.
She is one solid chunk of goodness.

The girl giggled.

This is just one of the many milestones I look forward to in this little one's life.
I was making dinner and out of the corner of my ear (does that make sense?) I heard the cutest little giggle. I immediately turned around and grabbed the camera. 
Unfortunately shortly after she got the hiccups and that interfered. 
So far Broc has been the first to get her to smile and now laugh. 
She simply adores her daddy.


Norah :: 2 months

Today I gathered up all the newborn clothes out of Norah's closet and boxed them up. 
It was a bitter sweet moment. 
I feel like over night my newborn has turned into a "baby baby" if you know what I mean. 
It was a little hard to pack up those teeny onesies knowing those days were gone,
but then I looked down at Norah and she flashed a squinty gummy grin.
It was then that I realized growing up isn't all that bad because growing up gave her that gorgeous smile. With every stage Norah becomes more and more my favorite tiny human.

Norah in a nutshell :: 2 months

-She tries to fit her entire fist into her mouth. 
-She likes to fall asleep holding my hand.
-She has the cutest little voice when she coos 
-Her dad calls her a diva and a drama queen. 
-She hates being bundled and likes her arms free.
-She is still the happiest in the morning.
-She cries a total of maybe 10 minutes a day.
-She makes herself smile in the mirror.
-She loves being the center of attention.
-She is becoming more and more cuddly as she packs on the lbs.
-She is the sweetest little thing I have ever met.


a name and a blessing

Yesterday was such a perfect day.
Our sweet little Norah was blessed by her father. 
We got her all dressed up in the blessing dress I wore almost 24 years ago. 
When we walked into the chapel I was overwhelmed with love as I saw that most of the bench seats were taken up by our family members. 
How blessed we both are with such amazing, supportive and BIG families.
Broc gave the most simply beautiful blessing that I have ever heard. 
The four things he blessed her with were joy, service, testimony and gratitude.
If only we all could remember to have those four qualities in our lives. 
We could not have dreamed of a more perfect day.
Thank you to all who shared it with us.



Back to Reality

 It's official, I am a working mother.
Not my favorite title.
I had to change my sweat pants for dress pants after two months of maternity bliss.
Although it is only 4 hours a day,
it is hard to leave this face every morning.



While jumping into a new year, it is inevitable to stop and reflect on the year you say goodbye to. 
I can confidently say that 2012 was one of the best years of my life. 
I am not sure I want to let it go. 
Broc turned the big two three!

We celebrated our 6th Valentines day together
(also the 6th anniversary of our first date)

We got the life changing news that we were pregnant with our first child.
I also turned 23

Broc finished his Associates in Business Degree at Dixie State

We bought our first home!
We also took a trip to Washington D.C.

We got the good news we were welcoming a DAUGHTER to our family.

Spent a week in Carlsbad CA

Spent a weekend in San Fransisco!

Started really preparing for our baby girl to arrive.

Our house finally starts feeling like a home after months of renovation.

Welcomed Norah Mae Hafen into our lives. We will never be the same.
Also celebrated our two year anniversary. I love you Mr. Hafen.

Celebrated our first Christmas together as a family of three. Best Christmas yet.