Hafen Reunion

This last weekend we headed up to Brian Head for a family reunion with the Hafen's.
To say the least, we had a lovely time with lovely people.
Love our Hafen family!


Father's Day 2013

Norah and I saved up for months to get this father exactly what he had been wishing for. 
He was absolutely thrilled with his first Father's Day gift. 
Truly, he deserves so much more. 
I wish I could buy him all of Europe.
I never knew just how much I loved this man until he became a daddy. 
You are loved more than you know and we are so lucky to have you.
Happy FIRST Father's Day Broc.

And to our own father's and the grandpa's to our babies, 

I cannot describe the amount of love I have for my own dad. I am me because I am part of you. If anything on this earth can hold me in total awe and admiration, 
it has to be you, Dad.

This man raised the boy I fell in love with. 
Never have I seen my husband talk so highly of someone as he has his father, Travis. 
Words don't do it justice but, we love you!

And finally, 
can I get a drum roll........
My grandma always throws a "king" party for father's day
This year it was as great as any other.

Grandpa Wade... I love you to the moon. 


Adios Ashley

I feel like I just wrote about her leaving for Nicaragua last year.

Silly Ashley girl thinks she needs an adventure every summer. 
Stay here for once and I will be your adventure Ash! 
We will go swimming, hiking, shopping, boating, crafting yadda yadda.. as fun as that all sounds,
she didn't take my offer. I think secretly I wish I could join her on all these adventures.

Today she flew to Spain.
For the summer. 
I miss her already. 
Hurry home.

Norah :: 7 Months

Oh Norah. What more can I say about our little ball of joy. She gets more personality by the day. I never knew how much of a curious/hyper/active/social baby she was until I have seen her around other babies this last month. She usually wants to dive out of my arms to get to them. Same goes for kids. She sees a group of kids playing and she is does anything she can to be on the ground playing right along with them. 

Norah in a nutshell::

-We had her first hair cut by mimi (my mom) yesterday because Broc has been complaining about her awesome wispy wings.
-Current stats from the dr. yesterday are 18 lb. 15 oz. (84 percentile) 27 in (74 percentile) and healthy as a horse. 
-She crawls EVERYWHERE! Even up stairs! We have to keep one eye on her at all times or she really will get lost. 
-She will pull herself up and stand on anything possible which usually means she gets about 3-4 bumps to the face daily. She is a tough little cookie. 
-She has recently been more interested in the TV which at this age, I look at as a great thing! I get a little bit of a break from entertaining her (which with her busy mind is not easy).
-She is phasing out of the "stranger danger" stage.
-She absolutely loves water! Pool, shower, bathtub, sink, hose, you name it. 
-She loves shoulder rides on Broc and plays his head like a drum while she rides. It is great.
-She loves animals! Especially the Arnolds dog, Piper. 
-Little stinker still thinks that her bed time is 10:30 p.m.
-Norah can pick up tiny cheerios with her chubby fingers now and put them in her mouth. Sometimes it takes the whole hand to shove them in there, but she is sure coordinated. 
-Lately she has been in a gasping stage. Anything that excites her, "GASP!!!"
-She is getting quite the sun tan even though she gets drowned in sun screen every day. Her arm and leg rolls are white in the creases and brown in between. Starting to look like real dinner rolls. 
-She has two tiny teeth breaking the surface of her gummy smile. It really makes her look so grown up. 
-She still loves to look at herself in the mirror. I wonder if she realizes it is her yet. I heard that babies don't realize it is them until about a year old but I think she knew pretty early on. 
-She is so ticklish! And seriously has the cutest laugh on this planet.

Oh she is just perfect in every way. We could not be more blessed. Love you to the moon Norah Mae.


Taylor, The Graduate

It has been a couple weeks and I think that it is finally starting to sink in that my sister Taylor has actually graduated from high school. Geez the years sure fly by once you are out in the real world. Seeing her in my cap and gown took me back and it seemed like just yesterday that I was there. I don't even want to think about her leaving to BYU in a couple of weeks. 
I don't think I like this whole 
"lets graduate high school 
and move on with our lives 
and live in different places 
and only see each a couple times a month... 
if we are lucky 
instead of every morning at the breakfast table" thing. 
But I could not be more excited to see what this girl does in her future. 
She will kill it. I sure do love you tay tay baby. 

I think it is even stranger to think that it has been SIX YEARS since this picture was taken.
And why didn't someone tell me that my smile was as big as Texas?


A perfect day

Broc has been working a lot lately. He has recently been promoted (which makes me a very happy, proud, and bragging wife). Seriously though, I am so lucky to have such a hard working man. The only problem is that I am a pretty demanding wife when it comes to family togetherness time so I requested in advance that we spend all day Memorial Day together. We spent the first part of the day in Springdale and then downtown at the splash pad and ended it in the pool.
I will let the pictures do the talking because this day was perfection.