Growing pains

This little bug has developed the funniest sense of humor. She cracks herself up, which in turn gets Broc and I laughing. She has also developed quite the guts and muscles. Silly girl is fearless. She must get it from her mama. She thinks she is big enough to stand up in her crib. I guess it will take a few bumps on her forehead to teach her that growing up can hurt sometimes. I just can't believe she is growing up before our eyes and there is nothing I can do about it. 

Mother's Day 2013

I never knew how much I wanted to be a mother until it happened.
This Mother's Day was different for many reasons.
Every year, I have taken this day to reflect about how much my own mother means to me. I would buy her gifts, make her breakfast in bed, and write her a card full of love notes and thank you's. This year however, I couldn't put into words what I wanted to say. So here goes everything I didn't. 

This Mother's Day I celebrated my daughter Norah. She made me a mother and for that, she will never know what I owe her. She has taught me love like I never knew existed.
This Mother's Day I celebrated my husband Broc. He stands by my side and supports me as a mother. Because of him, my world is complete. 
This Mother's Day I celebrated my mother-in-law, Jilynne. She gave me the greatest gift, my husband. She made the man I fell in love with.
And finally, this Mother's Day I celebrated my own mother, Brenda, the angel in my life. The most beautiful woman in my world. The perfect example of who, what, and everything I want to be. 

Motherhood is everything I have subconsciously been preparing all my life for. 
How beautiful my calling is. 


Norah :: 6 months

I can honestly say that the last six months have been the most happiest/rewarding/tiring six months of my life. Broc and I were laying in bed the other night and I said 
"I am so tired! I feel like I will always be tired. Like for the rest of my life". 
That may be true, but I wouldn't change one second of my life for something else. Being a mom, I have learned more about life and about myself than any college degree could ever teach me. 
Norah is my joy. 
She makes my life worth living. 
Broc and I are so incredibly blessed to have her in our lives. 
Happy half birthday my dear babe. 

Norah in a nutshell::
-She is going to start crawling... probably tomorrow. Seriously she is SO close!
-She is the best little fake cryer out there. DRAMA!
-Boy does she love her parents- she could pick us out of a crowd in no time.
-She gave me my first hickey on my neck yesterday. Norah kisses are the best kind of kisses.
-I leave the room for 5 minutes and she somehow gets to the other side without knowing how to crawl. It is a mystery.
-She loves to get her hair combed. She is a typical girl and watches herself in the mirror as I comb it.
-She has to grab EVERYTHING. I am convinced that I will be as bald as a cue ball by the time she is one.
-She blows spit bubbles. The cutest thing ever. See photo below.
-She LOVES little kids. Doesn't matter if she has spent time with them before or met them in line at Costco, she would go to a little kid over an adult any day.
-She is 10 times more ticklish when she is hanging upside down. Her giggle is the cutest thing my ears have ever heard.
-Norah is a night owl and doesn't like to go to bed until the party is over. She usually turns in at about 11:00.
-She is hyper hyper. If you are holding her, you better be jumping, skipping, bouncing and juggling oranges in front of her face otherwise she gets bored.
-She is a celebrity baby. Almost every time we go out, someone we run into has seen her picture or heard about how beautiful of a baby she is.


All hail the queen

We have a bit of a problem. 
Norah hates, despises, and loathes her car seat.
This makes every outing a challenge because she is not quite big 
enough to ride like a big kid quite yet. 
she is the queen. 
And she doesn't let anyone forget it.
Yep, all of Costco heard those royal lungs.
She will ride in her chariot the way she demands.
But can you really blame me? 
Those deep blue peepers get me every time.