A day in D.C.

Broc and I had the amazing opportunity to go back east for our friends, Peter and Ketty's wedding (pictures to come). 
We were able to squeeze in a day to spend in the nations capital between all the wedding festivities. 
I had been there a couple times before but Broc had never seen this amazing city and I was so excited to show it to him. {after all, one of his favorite things to watch is the History Channel}. 

Things we were able to see in one day:
Air and Space Smithsonian
Natural History Smithsonian
American History Smithsonian
National Archives (The Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights)
Washington Monument
White house
Nations capital

Things we wish we had time to see:
Lincoln Memorial
Fords Theater
Library of Congress

It was a pretty full day and by the end of it, we were happy to get back to the hotel and soak our feet.
It was a day we will always remember, partly because it was in an unbelievable city but mostly because it was an entire day spent together. 


Where we learned to love

Apt. C-102 will always have a little piece of my heart. 
Not because it was a luxury suite by any means,
but because that is where our lives molded into one. 
It was here that we learned to cook, pay bills, fight and make up. 
We learned how to steam vegetables, save change, and avoid large electrical payments. 
But most of all, it was here, in this small space, 
that we learned how to love each other more every day. 
It was here where we shared our first home 
and learned how married people survive. 
In this small space, the memories as newly weds took place. 
When I tell my children about mine and their dad's "early days", 
it is here that my mind will smile upon.
Our first Hafen home.

And we left her just the way we found her. 

My 6 year old sister Lexi helped me gather the last of our things before locking the door for the last time. She yelled "see ya later old pal" as she blew a kiss inside the front door. 
A tear rolled down my cheek as we pulled out of the parking lot.
And then I thought of the adventures that lie before us.
And I could not be more excited.

A new home.

I can really judge how busy my life is when I have not had time to watch the biggest loser finale yet or the last 3 weeks of modern family. A little pathetic I know.
Life is the busiest I think it has ever been. 
And I have made that definitive statement quite a few times in my life, 
but I really mean it this time.
Although it is busy... it is also the most exciting time I have ever had.

And why you might ask...

Because not only are we having a baby in 5 MONTHS! (ahh)...


She is definitely a fixer-upper. 
But that is always the kind I wanted.
She has the character that you seem to only get with older homes
And a view that people who build in Stone Cliff pay millions for.
She is our new home.
And she is perfect....

will be perfect
after hours and hours of renovation



How could I sum up how we feel about our two AMAZING mothers?
I don't think that I could have sung any better than my good friend Al Borland. 

Happy Mother's Day Jilynne and Brenda! 
We love you more than you could possibly know.


Cap, Gown and a pair of Converse. yup.

Broc was so funny on the day of his graduation.
And if you know anything about Broc, you wouldn't be surprised.
We were leaving and I noticed he was in jeans, a tshirt and converse. 
I told him he should at least put on a pair of slacks and nice shoes. 
He declined.
When we got to the graduation he had his cap and gown in the packaging still and asked a lady where he was suppose to go, she said "no where until you are dressed for graduation!" 
So he got dressed on the stair case in front of everyone.

He told me he had to go to work right after but between me and his mom, we wouldn't let that happen and took him out for a lunch celebration.

I am so proud of this guy.
From this story, you wouldn't think that school was a high priority for him.
But it secretly is.
And he is really, really good at it.

Dang Nicaragua

Last year my little sister Ashley decided to ditch us and head to Hawaii for the summer. 
I thought surely she wouldn't do that to us again since I miss her too much when she is gone. 
Oh never fear, she just decided to go to Nicaragua instead for summer '12. 
She left this week and secretly I am not very happy about it. 
It's just not the same without her around.
I was feeling very nostalgic when writing this. And that made me miss her even more. 
Pardon the overload of pictures. 

One happy day.

There is this girl I have known for a while. 
And when I say a while, I mean my entire life. 
Her name is Katie. 

Katie loves the color red, drinking out of straws, anything to do with writing and reading, Germany and sewing. She hates shopping and loves to make homemade "saltsa" (salsa). She has naturally auburn hair that she will argue is more red than brown and naps more than any other person I know. 
Katie is my best friend. 
And we share the same grandparents.
Katie has always had a history of boy problems. 
Mostly because she has commitment issues and she can't help that
every boy she meets falls in love with her.
No boy was ever cool enough to keep Katie for more than a few dates.
And for 23 years Katie thought she would just wait until the millennium to get married. 
And I started to believe her.

And then there was CJ
And he changed everything.
And April 28th 2012 was the happiest day for these two.

I have seen Katie at her happiest. But never have I seen her glowing like she was that day.

CJ, you got a good one.