Staheli Farm

I can't even think of the words to describe how much I love this time of year. 
I have said it before and I will say it again, family outings are so much fun with a little one in tow. 
Everything about this evening was a blast and Norah loved every second of it. 


Norah :: Eleven Months

The other day while in the store, as usual, someone commented on how adorable Norah was. She then asked how old she was. When I said "She will be one next month" it hit me that this little girl's baby days have almost come to a close. Really this girl was never suited to be a baby, she is far too explorative, curious, and full of life and passion to just lay in a crib and stare at a mobile. I think about where we were a year ago, I was huge and ready for a baby to be out of my tummy and into my arms. Never in my life could I have prepared myself for how much my heart could hold for this teeny human. She is the light in my life and I know it is cliche, but I will never, ever be the same. 

Norah in a nutshell :: Eleven Months
-Norah can not only walk, she runs...fast
-She now uses her teeny finger to point to things
-She is obsessed with shoes!
-Norah laughs at herself in the mirror
-I can tell she is going to have a low scruffy voice.
-Norah is the most adventurous and friendly little girl.
-She loves being outside.
-She still hates saying goodbye to people, especially her dad every morning.
-Norah could consume a whole sea of goldfish crackers if we let her.
-She has six teeth and a very strong jaw, I know this because they have lovingly dug into my shoulder several times.


One knock means "I love you"

Jessica and I have been inseparable ever since I can remember, literally. 
Having best friends that are also your cousins are the way to go.
We have quite the memories together, her and I.
The couple of months we lived together in high school we developed our very own morse code through the walls...
that carried on when we were roommates in college.
Life is never dull when we are together,
 and that is just the way I prefer it.

Jessica became a mommy a couple weeks ago 
to a completely perfect little boy.

He is absolutely gorgeous.
But I wouldn't expect anything less from that beautiful bombshell.
I guess her husband, Brady, had something to do with it too.
Good job you guys.

So here's to starting another adventure together, 

Always remember Jess,
one knock on the wall means 
"I love you"

Norah the Explorer

Ever since Norah figured out that she could walk on those two little potato feet,
she has taken the saying "the world is her oyster" to heart.
When we named her Norah, I didn't want any relation to Dora the Explorer ever mentioned,
but it is unavoidable now.
That little soul was meant to explore.
Anything that looks interesting, shiny, or edible you can bet she will have in her hands within seconds.
And in her mouth almost instantaneously.

Norah Norah Norah the Explorer. 
I am so proud that you are eager, fearless, and full of passion already.
I hope you never change.