Aint she a beauty?

When we got married we decided to buy my car from my parents.
They were giving it to us for a great price, we didn't have to deal with interest rates,
late payment fees
yadda yadda yadda...
& I loved my little civic.
It was perfect for getting me from point A. to point B.
Yeah sure it had a dent on every side and every couple months we had to take it in to the shop,
but I don't like change and I would have driven that baby until it died.
But Broc soon learned to hate her. Like really hate her.
So the car hunting began....
We are both super busy during the day so we spent our nights on ksl.








And just when we were about to give up...
We found her.


Don't worry. My civic is still in the family.
But I do love our new baby


Count your blessings

So midterms were yesterday and I've been pretty stressed about two particular tests. It's hard not to be when your teacher says "Just to let you know, the average for this test is a 65%. It's really really REALLY hard and you probably don't have a prayer at passing". Okay he didn't really say that last part to that extent, but pretty much scared the heck out of the class.

So yesterday my day's schedule went like this...
6:30 a.m. wake up and study/shower/pray for divine help on my exams
7:30 a.m. go to the college and study study study
11:00 a.m. take incredibly hard test
1:00 p.m. take another incredibly hard test
2:00 p.m. haul my tush to work
6:00 p.m. haul my tush to a Kalamity performance
8:00 p.m. maybe if I'm lucky see my husband for 2 seconds
8:30 p.m. adult hip hop class preparing for our FLASH MOB
9:30 p.m. Kalamity practice
11:00 p.m. Go home and die

I was feeling pretty bad for myself. It seems like just when I start feeling that way, Heavenly Father springs into action and teaches me a lesson. I remember praying on my way to school for help throughout the day to just make it through and on time to all of my obligations. I was still throwing my own pity party though.
I work at a bank so I get the chance to interact with a lot of people every day. Mostly because of our branch location, we have an older clientele and frequently see the same people on a day to day basis. One of the first clients that walked in was a man that we see all the time. As an ex navy seal, he is in his 60's, but has the body of a 30 year old. He is one of the toughest people I've every met but also one of the nicest. My co-worker greeted him and asked how he was doing and instead of his cheerful response, he answered with sadness in his eyes that he was having a lousy day. He then told us that his sweet wife had passed away that morning. I could hardly believe it.
Then Tom walked in the branch. We see Tom almost every day and he's always got a grin from ear to ear and loves talking with us. He too walked in a little somber. I asked him how he was doing and that he was looking a little down. He then told us that he woke up that morning and went out to his truck, but it was gone. Someone had stolen his truck that night. I couldn't believe that I was feeling bad about my day a couple minutes earlier. My guilt and sadness for these two clients/friends almost brought me to tears. I don't believe Heavenly Father allowed these bad things happen to them to teach me a lesson but I do believe He placed them in my day to make me grateful for my blessings. When you think you've got it bad, it's not hard to find someone who has got it far worse. I'm grateful for the reminder.
Count those blessings.

25 years of L.O.V.E.

There is something really special about celebrating 25 years of marriage and both of our parents celebrated that this year. Interestingly enough, both sets of our parents were high school sweethearts. It is so fun to hear about the early days of their courtships and their first years of marriage. I couldn't ask for any better examples of what a marriage should be like than that of our parents. Cheers to love!

We decided to crash Mom and Dad Hafen's anniversary getaway to Cedar Mountain. Ha we didn't really crash it, they invited us up for one day and I'm sure glad we were able to go. It was beautiful! The colors on the leaves were insane shades of orange, yellow and red. We hung out at Grandma Sue's cabin, drank wassail, rode 4-wheelers, chatted and laughed.
It was such a fun little getaway.