Thanksgiving 2013

Our holidays are always busy with four families to visit. 
Some would say that was a bad thing.
It may be tiring, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 
I love that we have too much family here that it literally takes from sun up to past sun down to spend time with everyone.
This year we had a total of 4 thanksgiving dinners.
We are so blessed!

Business Student of the Semester

You folks are looking at the
Business Student of the Semester
Fall 2013 
Dixie State University
He managed to pull off this award and finish his degree with a 3.9 GPA without buying text books for the past 3 semesters.

I don't know why I am acting surprised.
He is sharper than a tac.
And hates spending "unnecessary money"
Broc. You Rock.
Proud of you husband! 

Three years going on forever

I am baffled by the thought that it was three years ago that we got married. I could have sworn we were just high school seniors driving around in the old orange chevy. Sure glad that chevy lead us here. Happy, married, and more in love than that sweet day I made a husband out of him.

We each got to choose one activity for the anniversary.
He chose shooting with a mustache. (see below photos)
I chose vegas without a mustache. (see above photo)
I sure love my Mr. Hafen.
Forever and ever babe.


Norah 1 year video

Norah's Birthday

For Norah's birthday, we had so much fun doing all of her favorite things:

The morning started with balloon playing. 

Then she took a birthday bath. 
This girl would live in the bathtub if we would let her. 

 Then a little birthday cartoons in her favorite shirt, next to her favorite gal, Minnie.

Her favorite food for breakfast, RASPBERRIES!

A little toy store browsing.

And a birthday cup cake.

We guessed wrong on a carousel ride.
Probably the only thing in this world that she is scared of.

And then a birthday dinner with Papa, Gigi, Auston and Sage

Norah is the light of our lives. The reason I live. 
Her lively and exuberant spirit fills the hole in my life that I never knew existed until she got here. 
I often think to myself how I ever lived without her for so many years. I loved and missed her so much for 23 years and I didn't even know it. 
Happy Birthday Baby Girl.

Norah's 1st Birthday Party!

Our little Norah turned one and I am still trying to process how it happened so fast.
Norah's birthday party was better than I could have ever planned, it was the people that we shared it with that made it a night to remember.
Every time someone new would come through the front door, she was genuinely SO happy to see them. It made my heart happy to see that all she needed was company to make her birthday the best day ever, 
and we were in the best company!
When everyone started singing happy birthday to her, she was so taken back that all eyes were on her. She just looked back and forth through the crowd in amazement and a little confused. I honestly think she loved that moment more than I could ever describe.

Norah is a party animal. She was going going going from the second it started till the last person left.
She actually cried each time someone would leave. She is a people person already.
And when the last person left, it took probably 30 seconds for her to completely crash.

Thank you everyone who made this little girl's day so special for her and us.
We love you Norzy.
Happy Birthday!