Pretzels on the porch

We are pretending that the weather is actually warming up by spending more time outside.
I think we are kidding ourselves.
Life is more beautiful than I ever had planned on with this girl being a part of it.
Oh and she loves pretzels just as much as her daddy.


Golden Birthday

Norah and I are the two luckiest girls in the world to have this man in our lives.
To try and summarize the love we have for him into a paragraph would be impossible.
Thanks for all the love, laughs and tickles you continue to give us.
Happy Golden Birthday Dear.

This year I planned a dinner with our high school friends that was followed by a round of laser tag. 
Keeping it young. 


2014 is going to be a good year.
I can feel it.
Every day is the best of the year with this crazy little one. 
Recently I have seen this baby turn into a full blown emotional, crazy, girly, beautiful little toddler.
The pictures speak for themselves.
Keep in mind these were taken all within about 2 minutes.
But we wouldn't have her any other way.


Winter Wonderland

We heard it was going to snow in St. George, but nothing could have prepared us for what we woke up to December 3rd, 2013.
The land I know to be blazing hot was covered in white powder.
Truly something I don't think I have ever seen before.
The last time Dixie has seen this much snow was 1974!
I remember in 2nd grade having a snow day and being able to stay home from school but I don't remember it quite like this.
Church was even cancelled!

(above photo credit: Kai Anderson)

Norah seemed to love it until she face planted into it.
(seriously one of the funniest things I have ever seen).
I am typing this post on January 1st and there is still a patch of snow in my backyard.

Jubilee of Trees 2013

One of my very favorite Christmas traditions in St. George is going to the annual Jubilee of Trees. 
I love it so much that I took a 6 day old Norah to it last year. 
This year we went twice because I just love starting off the Christmas season with a beautifully decorated forrest. Call me crazy but I seriously would spend days there if I could.
I am pretty sure Norah loves it as much as me.

The poor girl hates Santa though. 

Christmas Cards 2013