mrs. grinch

I have definitely been feeling a little more "pregnant" these last few weeks. And by "pregnant" I guess I just mean "chubby". In fact, I feel like my body has transformed into one of these characters. 

Which is not entirely true Broc keeps telling me. Not yet at least. But I sure feel like it. We had our second doctors appointment this week. Unfortunately Broc was out of town and had to miss it :( but I got to hear the heart beat! It was incredible. It was a nice reminder that someone is actually in there. I start to doubt that because of how not sick I've been. It has been such a blessing to have been able to keep up with my normal routine. Especially dance, I don't know what I would do without that! So I can proudly say that we are officially in the 2nd trimester! How exciting. 
We shall see if finals doesn't kill my husband this week. I would hate to be a single mom. 
Good luck Broc! 
(my finals are art classes-easy cheesy!)


Aced that Test

It was March 2nd 2012. I had stopped taking my birth control in December and after talking to some of my mommy friends, I was prepared for it to take a few months to get some positive news. 
Even though I knew this, I secretly wanted it to happen right away and in a way kind of believed it would

So with every new month that came, I took a pregnancy test. January-Negative, February-Negative. So March came around and I was a couple days late, if you know what I'm saying. So as I was sitting in my video editing class at the college, I texted Broc and suggested that maybe we take another test that night. I could almost hear his voice and see his expression as I read the text. 
"REALLY!! Okay! Do we have one left at the apartment!". 
It was something to that extent. Maybe without the capital letters, I mean it is Broc. 
So the day went on, it was a friday so I just had work and when I got home the first thing he said to me was "Okay you ready? I need to shower, do you want to take the test first or do you want me to shower first or what??" 
I had almost forgot about the earlier suggestion but it was obviously on his mind all day. It made me so happy to see how excited he was. What a cute husband. I was still a little apprehensive about taking it because I didn't want another negative result. And with the luck I seem to always have, it would have been. But I went ahead a took it. I flipped it over because watching that little "I'm thinking I'm thinking" icon on the screen was too much anticipation for me. 

I opened the bathroom door and Broc and I just started taking. I don't even remember what we were talking about but half way through a sentance, I casually picked up the test and glanced at it... 


I stopped mid-word  as my jaw dropped and my eyes feeled with tears as I showed the positive test to Broc. A gorgeous but true smile formed on his face and he hugged me like he did the first time he told me he loved me. We were speachless and wrapped in eachother arms for what seemed like hours. It was probably only 3 or 4 minutes but I will remember that moment for the rest of my life. Shortly after, it was all we could do to kneel down and thank our Heavenly Father for the news and the amazing opportunity and calling that lay ahead of us. 

Broc got his shower in and immediately wanted to scream the news from the rooftops. Although I wanted to keep it our little secret for atleast a night, he convinced me to go share the news with our parents. 
First stop was Broc's house. It was Broc's mom Jilynne's birthday just a few days prior so we told her that we had a belated birthday gift for her. We had wrapped a baby bottle and as she opened it, she threw her hands in the air and yelled "YESSS!!!". 

Broc's dad Travis was speachless... and beaming. It was good to talk to Jilynne because she works at the hospital and knows all the good doctors. She recommended Dr. Clark (who we already love!). 

Next we went and had a little dinner date just Broc and I. We were both giddy through the whole meal. I couldn't stop thinking about the miracle that little test confirmed. We talked about how we were going to tell my parents. This was going to be a bit tougher. My parents still have little ones at home and I think the thought of being a "grandpa" scares the living daylights out of my dad. If it were his way, I would have traveled the world, served a mission, married at 25, got my masters degree, and had kids by 30. Sorry dad, I found a boy I just couldn't resist at age 16. 
Your plan was shot from day one. 

We went and bought little onesies that said "giggles for grandma" and "grandpas team" and went to my house. When we got there, my siblings were everywhere. That's not uncommon when there are 8 people still living in that house. I couldn't think of a way to just get my mom and dad together. So after about an hour of talking with everyone, my dad announced that he was going to bed. Great. After about 10 minutes I just said "mom, come into your room!" I turned the lights on on my dad trying to fall asleep. We broke the news and they could not be more thrilled. My mom kept saying "REALLY! REALLY!" and my dad, sitting in bed half asleep had that smile that just told me everything I needed to hear without him actually saying anything. It was a perfect evening. I could not be more grateful for the supportive parents that we have and the amazing and excited husband that I am blessed with. Life is just oh too good.


The Graduate

Look at this handsome man!
He's also really really smart!
And I know he probably doesn't want me making a big deal about this, but I don't care
I am one proud wife.



When a boy and a girl love each other...


Baby Hafen due Nov. 3rd

We could not be happier
Life could not be any better


Little noses and Ice Cream

My baby sister Alexa, bless her heart, is the best cuddler you will ever meet. However, as soon as she starts to dose off, Darth Vader possesses her body and you have to put a pillow around your head just to try and get some sleep. Poor girl hasn't been able to breathe well for the 6.5 years of her life. So after trying many home and doctor remedies, we decided enough was enough. She was getting those adenoids out. My mom tried to calm her nerves once Lexa heard the word "surgery" by telling her that she would let her stay home from school the day she got them out. Then my mom accidentally scheduled her surgery on a day that they didn't even have school anyways. Lexa definitely felt jipped. But at least she now has lots of siblings to get her ice cream runs. That and the "visitors" were the two things she was excited about. So go pay her a visit :) The doctor said after the surgery that her adenoids were 95% enlarged! No wonder her teeny tiny nose could barely suck air in. She is doing great!
I promised her a snow cone, a red one.