Spring break '12

This year for spring break we were able to take one day off of work. And very lucky to get that much. My family had a mini trip planned to Brian Head and we couldn't think of a better way to spend our spring break day. So although St. George was as warm as it has been since last September, we left for the snow.
Some of the most memorable moments:
-My dad going through the drive thru at Arbys while Broc, my mom and I went inside pretending not to know each other so we could each use a coupon to buy enough sandwiches for the family. We got 4 for free. That's the only way the Wades ever eat out.
-Lexi forgetting a warm hat on the slopes so my parents trying to make princess leia buns around her ears to keep them warm.
-Michael eating cereal out of a measuring cup with measuring spoons because the dishes were all dirty.
-Trying to fit 10 people around a table with 6 chairs for dinner.
-Also trying to fit 10 people on a hid-a-bed to watch a movie
-Lexi skiing for the first time! And loving it.
-Michael confessing to me on the lift that he hated that his little brother Mitch was better than him at skiing.

We had a great time with all 10 members of my family skiing down the mountain together.
And not one injury!