We bought a zoo

This last Saturday Broc, Norah, Ashley, Taylor, Michael and I all headed down to the middle of nowhere to spend an afternoon with the animals.
Have you seen the movie We Bought a Zoo?
This place is just like that, on a smaller scale.
Roos n more is basically a zoo in the back yard of two veterinarians home.
It is bizarre the kind of animals they have there. Everything from monkeys and zebras to otters and kangaroos. We came to roos n more a couple years ago and it was just as great as I remember it.

This was Norah's first time touching an animal.
Pretty cool for it to be a monkey!

big girl

Norah has pretty much been leaping at our food for the last few weeks
She in fact landed her hand in a bowl of ice cream not too long ago.
I didn't want to start her on solids quite yet but I didn't want to spoil her dreams either.
Bad mommy moment, I let her suck on a jelly bean on the way home from Vegas.
Hey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right?
Well, we got her all set up in her big girl high chair.
It kills me to see her sitting up in this thing. She is growing way too fast.
I'm not okay with that.

We decided to try rice cereal mixed with some fresh carrot juice.
Not sure how she felt about it.
But she kept coming back for more.

Not sure if I am ready for this little lady to start growing up any more than she already is.
We went to the doctor last week and here are the current stats:
15 lbs. 11 oz.
(85th percentile)
25 inches
(71st percentile)
We are so in love with this chubby girl

Spring has sprung 2013


Norah :: 4 months

Our sweet little princess is 4 months old! A part of me feels like she surely can't be that old already, but an even bigger part of me can't believe that she is ONLY 4 months old. 
She seems like she has been a part of our lives for so much longer. 
I guess in more of a spiritual way she has.

Norah in a nutshell:
-She has a new face she pulls where she sucks on her bottom lip while she puckers the top one. Arguably the cutest thing you have ever seen.
-The best adjective to describe her current body shape is "squishy".
-She is definitely becoming more of a mommy's girl. But she loves her play time with daddy.
-She now smiles at just about anyone that will smile at her.
-She is so close to sitting up on her own!
-She is all over the place in clothes sizes.
-She loves lights and interesting shapes. She took her first Vegas trip and boy was that fun!
-She has had multiple people comment on her perfectly shaped lips.
-She hates sitting in her bumbo. Dang it.
-She is very curious with her hands and tries to grab everything!
-She still has the biggest obsession with clocks
-When she eats she rests her whole hand on the side of her face.
-She gets super grumpy when she is tired and ultra happy when she is well rested.
-She is so cuddly and tries to eat your face when she is in a funny mood.
-When she gets super interested in something (tv, other babies, clocks etc.) she sticks her face out so far that her double chin disappears.

Norah is the most beautiful little child and we are so blessed to have her as ours.


All in a year

It hasn't quite been 4 months, but I have a hard time even remembering what our life was like before little Norah. 
I have spent the day thinking about what happened on this day one year ago.
The day we found out that our lives would never be the same, that a little spirit was getting ready to come join our family. 
I love to remember what happened on that day
And now here we are one year later with the most precious thing my eyes and heart have ever beheld.

And a happy happy birthday to this girl.
Every girl needs a blonde best friend.
Jessica, you are mine.