Thankfully, I have never been one who has had to count calories or watch my weight. I have been raised healthy and active and I guess you could say I have been blessed with a good metabolism. I mean look at my mom, if that post 7 baby body is genetic then I will be one happy girl. So when my body started changing, I had a hard time adjusting to it. I don't like feeling winded when I walk up stairs, I didn't love that my back muscles felt like they were getting buried under a layer of flab, and I didn't like not being able to do crunches at night before I got into bed. I use to love wearing clothes that hugged my body in all the right places instead of hiding under baggy blouses and sweatpants. Even though the doctor had only told me I had gained 2 lbs. in the first 16 weeks, I felt like I had put on 20 with the way I was feeling. If you have had children, you probably know the feelings I am describing. I still try to stay in shape and keep my body strong, but this changing body seems inevitable, and that discouraged me.

And then I remember my baby girl who is growing inside of me. And I suddenly feel like I would gladly put on 200 lbs to get her here if I had to (thank goodness my doctor only told me to gain 20-25 lbs). I suddenly remember that being a mother was the one thing I wanted to be when I grew up, not a fitness model or an Olympian. I remember that my body was meant to bring children to this world, mine and Broc's children. I remember that darling profile I saw in a black and white image that will soon be here with us.

Now I love the mornings that I wake up with a stiff back because I made sure to sleep on my left side the entire night. I love my little baby bump because with each day it gets bigger, I know my little girl is getting bigger too. I love swallowing pills the size of almonds and getting up at 4 a.m. to pee. I am getting use to my new body and I am loving it.


But I can't say I'm not excited for when I get to have my old one back. :)

p.s. we are almost half way there!!!



It was June 6th 2012, a day we had looked forward to since the day we found out we were expecting. Everyone had their guesses, 
most of them guessed girl. 
Everyone asked what I was wanting and to be honest, 
my only response was a that I just wanted a healthy baby
but secretly I was leaning toward a little girl... and so was Broc.

9:00 a.m. couldn't come soon enough 
and we invited the Grandparents-to-be to join us in some of the most exciting news of our lives.

The woman that did the ultrasound must had done hundreds, because even when I was convinced the first couple images were just the waffle I had eaten for breakfast, 
she reassured me that they were baby parts. 

It wasn't until I saw that sweet baby's hands curled around its' precious face that I had an unbelievable and overwhelming feeling that she was ours. 

Yes, I said she.

She is our daughter.

And she is loved.

How can you not already fall in love with that face!