And the living is easy

Summer time is just around the corner in St. Geez and we could not be more excited about it.
Broc is excited to be done with school, I am excited to be a mostly full time mommy, and Norah is just excited to wear less restricting clothing. We are all a little excited about the sunshine too.
Broc has recently started a new job selling internet from AWI networks, a local provider.
Before, we were both working part time and things were working out just fine, except for the fact that I missed my baby the 4 hours a day that I wasn't with her. Then Broc got this new job and financially it just made sense for him to work full time while I stay home with Norah, who is complaining right? It is a little bittersweet because I love my job and the people I work with but the thought of being about to stay home with this lil one is the best arrangement in the world.


Norah :: 5 months

Norah in a nutshell :: 5 months

-It was like over night she became a gold medalist in sitting. We were counting the seconds that she could hold it without tipping over (her record was 15 sec) and the next day we were counting minutes!

-She grabs for absolutely anything. Somehow she is most interested in things she is not suppose to have; hot curling irons, bowls of cereal, wet mascara brushes. We already have a rebel child.

-My favorite part of the day is coming home from work and seeing her face and countenance light up the second she sees me. I am pretty sure the expressions are mutual. This is the one thing i will miss when I am not working anymore, did you hear that? I AM QUITTING MY JOB! more about that later  :)

-Norah loves TV. She especially loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I knew she would because she has had a thing for mickey from the beginning. I put a picture of mickey mouse taped to the bottom of her shelf above her changing table and boy does she kick with excitement when she is getting her diaper changed. A disney girl at heart.

-We have been taking our chances by not arming her with a bib lately in hopes to trick her into not spitting up quite as much. I think it is working. Less spit up, more drooling.

-Her hair is getting so long that it actually gets snarled when she gets out of the tub. It is also getting a gorgeous auburn tint to it.

-She knows who she likes and will definitely let you know if you are on her bad side that day. The other day my dad had to watch her for a few minutes and when I came home I found him wheeling the stroller around the kitchen with blankets propping her bottle up and strategically placed so that his face was out of her view. He said "I think I have finally gotten her to forget who she was left with". haha in the words of my 7 year old sister Lexi "She's a little diva". 

-She has the gummiest smile with the most perfectly shaped lips. When she gets laughing, she laughs so hard that sometimes you can't tell if she is crying because her face scrunches up and her eyes close. She has a funny sense of humor. 

-She has the most perfect eyelashes and deep navy eyes. 

-She loves toys! But her favorite thing to play with is an empty baby wipe bag. 

-She looks like a 5 year old when she is sleeping. 

-She loves trying new foods! This week she has eaten avocado, sweet potatoes, bananas, orange juice and a spinach strawberry shake. She loved them all.

Just when I think I cannot love her any more, I wake up the next day and I am surprised time and time again how much my heart can hold. She is a blessing in our family and our lives. 
Happy 5 months baby doll.


Bad Mom

Every mom has had a "bad mom" moment, 
at least that is what I have been told this week to make me feel better.
It makes me sick/upset/sad to even think about it again but here is what happened...

Last weekend we acquired the perfect lounge chairs for our deck from the Arnolds.
Seriously I love them, except for when I smashed my hand in them and thought I broke it. That hurt.
One of them is almost a queen size and fits perfectly so that half of it is in the sun and half is in the shade. Perfect for my baby and I to lay outside while she naps and I sun bathe right? 
Right. That's what I thought. 
So there we were, just enjoying a lovely spring day, Norah asleep and I in my tank top. I had put her closer to the middle of the bed because I know she is a roller. 
I closed my eyes and listened to the birds chip and the heavy breathing of my sleeping beauty when all of a sudden the neighbors stupid dog spotted us. 
He barked, Norah jumped, and before I knew it she had rolled from back to front to back and was headed off the side of the lounge chair and just beyond my reach. 

I literally just had to get up to grab a tissue because recalling her terrified eyes as she rolled off the edge and landed on her back on the deck planks just kills me inside every time. 

I scooped her up and we ran into the house, both of us crying. Gladly, by the time we had made it to her bedroom she was just whimpering, but I swear she was saying "how could you let me fall mom!". It was traumatizing for the both of us. 
And now we have sort of have a love/hate relationship with that awesome patio furniture. 
But I just hate the neighbors dog.

And before we knew it, she was back to her smiling lil' self



Kenz and I

When I was younger, every time I would visit my Grandma Diane's house in the middle of town, the first question I would ask without fail was "When is the next time Kenzie is coming down??!!".
My cousin Makenzie and I are exactly one month apart - to the day. She always lived in northern utah and I always lived in southern utah, but when she came to town we were inseparable. 

Well last year we both announced that we were pregnant, and we were both having girls! Unfortunately we didn't time it so that they could be exactly a month apart like we were but 2.5 months is close enough. 

Mia and Norah
Close friends already.

And giving their mom's a run for their money already! 

Easter 2013

Easter is always one of my favorite holidays. Lots of family time, good food, and the sun is finally shining. I have found that holidays got so much more fun when you have a little person around. This year was no different, we colored eggs, hunted for them, ate tons of salads and lemonade, and spent time in the good old St. Geezy sun. It is also this holiday that I can't help but take time to reflect on how blessed I am. Something about the spring time after a long winter makes me so grateful to be alive, healthy, happy and surrounded by the people I love.
Hoping your Easter was as splendid as ours.