The Hafens

That's right, we're married now. November 20th was the day we became the Hafen's. I wish writing a blog post about it would do it justice, but even if I had the best blogger I know write it (katie wade-kapoesy) I don't think we could recap the magic of that day.
Here are a couple pictures. Many many more to come.


losing it

Amidst all this wedding stuff I think it's fair to say that I'm officially losing it. This morning proved it. Every monday night I dreadfully set my alarm for 4:48 a.m. to make it to kalamity practice at 5:00 (Kalamity (Ka-LAM-it-ee): a sicky sick sick hiphop group). I usually get home around 6:30 to a still silent and sleepy house, except my 11 year old brother Mitch. He's always up watching mythbusters at the crack of dawn. Today I had to work at the Zions Bank Hurricane branch. I got on the freeway and imediately started stressing about what I had to get done for the wedding when I got off work. My mind was going 300 miles an hour and my car going just shy of that when it dawned on me that I had passed the Hurricane exit long before. I was half way to Cedar City. I would have driven to Provo had I not looked down and saw that I was in my work clothes. I had to keep driving ten minutes to the next exit and then explore in a one street town for the I-15 S entrance. That actually didn't take too long. It was a one street town. Now I'm standing at a teller station at an almost never visted branch needing to feel productive since there is so much I could be doing so I'm writing this post just to keep me from going insane. And that was a run on sentance. I'm losing it.


Special Days

I saw on a few different blogs of recently married girls a compilation of "Special Days".
Here's ours...

August 1994
played with him

December 2005
hung out with him

January 1st 2006
danced with him

January 21st 2006
had my eye on him

February 11th 2006
kissed him

February 14th 2006
dated him

December 31st 2006
loved him

April 30th 2008
missed him

March 25th 2010
reunited with him

September 4th 2010
engaged to him

November 20th 2010
marrying him



oh man. Let me just tell you about this photoshoot


1. we had to reschedule because we were notified the day before the original shoot that the dress wasn't going to be done.
2. I had just gotten back from New York the day before and hadn't thought about getting a hair appointment or a bouquet made.
3. It poured all day and we wondered if we would have to reschedule for a second time.

1. The dress turned out more gorgeous than I had ever dreamed of.
2. Costco had the most gorgeous flowers that day and I just happened to have the time to throw a bouquet and boutonniere together 2 hours before.
3. My hair did what I wanted it to with the limited amount of bobby pins I had.
4. The rain stopped an hour before and picked back up 15 minutes after finishing shooting.
5. We had an amazing photographer.
6. My mom was a fantastic assistant.
7. Broc picked out his own suit and tie. They look great.
8. Kara let me borrow her veil.
9. Broc is the most handsome boy/groom ever.
10. We're in love.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons and to top it all off, the pictures look fabulous. enjoy. :)