A bedtime story

When Broc gets in bed it takes him a while to fall asleep. When I get in bed I'm asleep before my head hits the pillow. Last night Broc said that he wasn't even tired when we were getting ready for bed. Instead of him playing angry birds while I fell asleep I insisted that he tell me a bedtime story. Here's how it went....

"Once upon a time there was a guy named...Taber. And Taber had a best friend... who happened to be a... kite! The kite's name was fly (original). Taber and fly were best friends and one day they were playing in the woods and Taber got shot! By a hunter! Because the hunter thought that Taber was a deer. But the hunter was wrong because Taber was actually an ....elk! Taber died. So Fly set out on a mission to find this hunter that killed his best friend elk. Fly flew all around the country and finally found the hunter lying in a field of ...wheat. He couldn't believe that he had killed his best friend Taber but instantly Fly became friends with the hunter. The hunter said why don't we start a tv show...."

And that's all I remember because I fell asleep. Broc left early for school this morning so I have yet to hear what happened to Fly and the hunter's TV show. All I know is that I think I'll be the one doing to story telling to our children. haha


92 days 14 hours 35 min.

That's how long I've been married to the most amazing man I've ever met.
Today Broc and I celebrated our 3 month anniversary.
We've been through a lot the last 3 months but I have loved every 133,355 minutes of it.
I'm so lucky to have married my best friend. :) Love you Brocky!


Now every February you'll be my Valentine.

Yesterday was not only valentines day but the 5 year anniversary of mine and Broc's first date! Here's how our Valentines dates have been the last five years...

2006: I asked Broc to preference by decorating his locker with valentine candy and a stuffed animal frog that said "kiss me". We went on our first date that night to the Pine View jazz dinner dance put on by the Pine View jazz band. We were the youngest people by about 30 years besides the band themselves. We ate staheli catering and danced to jazz music all night. I started falling for him.

2007: Broc asked me on a date but wouldn't tell me where we were going, he just said "dress warm". He picked me up and took me out to his candle lit back yard and we ate a delicious dinner cooked by his dad and served by his sister Sage. I had no idea what to get for Broc that year because I had just done Christmas and his birthday so I got him a microwave, popcorn, and movies. (He later blew up that microwave).

2008: Broc had his mission call and we knew that we only had a couple months together for a long time. He picked me up and took me to his house where we ate durangos on his candle lit dining room table. He gave me a silver locket that I still wear.

2009: Broc and I were 10,748 miles away. I had to send my valentines gift in November to get to Broc by February. I made him pink pajama pants with frogs and hearts on them. He sent me a love letter and pictures.

2010: He was almost home! We decided to celebrate when he got back instead of spending more money on packages. We exchanged love letters instead.

2011: We're married. Life is great. Broc woke up to another stuffed frog that said "kiss me" and I came home from work to a handsome husband who bought and put together a shoe shelf for me and another love letter. We went to dinner and then shopped for a bathroom mat. The joys of marriage.

Valentines Day is the best. And I'm so blessed that every February he'll be mine.


Kalamity Fam Bam

So I'm sure all of you know that I have been dancing with a group called Kalamity for the past 3 1/2 years. Every year we put on a concert for a cause or "calamity" in the community. Last friday we shot a video and did a photo shoot to try and get converse to sponsor us this year. We wear converse to every practice and performance we've ever done and are hoping to get some support from them. Here are a few pictures from the shoot. Love these girls to death!

Car pictures.. enough said.

Plaid is our favorite color.

As much as I think it's adorable when couples match,
it's not so adorable when you match in plaid.
It's just kind of embarrassing.
And we do it quite often.


My Turn

So i guess i should contribute just a little bit to this blog thing of ours. But for those of you who know me, you know that i don't blog, or facebook, myspace, or talk too much for that matter. So i will keep to what i do best and make this short.
Erin is the love of my life. That means i am looking forward to spending eternity with her. Eternity. That is such a long time(understatement of the century), but i am really looking forward to it. An eternity with the love of my life.
Valentines day is coming up, and I've been known to get the best gifts for Erin. And this year is going to trump them all. Granted it won't top the Christmas gift i got her, but it is pretty dang good. So why am i bragging about this? Because i know it is going to drive Erin crazy until i give it to her. Payback for making me write on this. I love you Erin. ;)


a thursday evening.

Last night was the first night Broc and I had together this week that wasn't consumed by other obligations.
We talked the night before about going to dinner and maybe a movie, just spending some time together and being a little spontaneous. Well... when you're both going to work and school full time you don't come home with a lot of energy. Going out seemed like such a good idea the night before and even throughout the day I was looking forward to it. But this is the exact conversation that went on when we both got home...

Broc: "So... where do you want to go tonight?"
Erin: "Hmm... I don't know. You decide."
Broc: "Well we've got lots of gift cards from the wedding we haven't used yet. And we bought a Dixie Direct."
Erin: "Yeah... I still don't care. You choose."
Broc: "No you."
Erin: "Well do you want to go out?"
Broc: "It's up to you."
Erin: "No you decide."
Broc: "I don't want to."
Erin: "Me neither."

So to say the least, we stayed home and ate chicken noodle soup
while watching the countdown of the top 100 best performers of all time.
Broc was super mad that Elvis came in at number 8. When Prince was voted as number 5 Broc yelled
"He's just a PRINCE! Elvis was the freaking KING!!!".
If you were wondering who the top one was... The Beatles.
I still think MJ should have taken it.
King of Pop
Live on forever