Book Worm

Norah is obsessed with books.
I don't think it is the stories or the pictures that entertain her the most quite yet. 
It is the busy work of turning those pages.
She could do it for hours. 
Those tiny chubby fingers flip from one end to the other and then back to the beginning. 
Over. And over. And over.
We took her to the public library the other day and when we entered the children's section,
no joke, there was a huge GASP followed by trying to jump out of the stroller at the books.
We are going to have to teach her a quite voice because I have a feeling we will be spending many a summer days at the library.


Norah:: 8 Months

Time. Stop. Please?
The fact that this little thing is 8 months old blows my mind. 
This. This is my favorite stage so far. 
Her personality is so very bold. She is a go-getter, an explorer, and I can tell she already has a keen sense for adventure. From the moment her teeny lids open in the morning until the last heavy blink at night, this little one is passionate about life. And I love that about her. 

Norah in a nutshell::
-She claps. The cutest clap.
-When she stands up to furniture, she lifts her hands in the air and balances on her little potato feet like a gymnast does when they stick a landing.
-She literally says "goo goo gah gah". They don't just make that up. I will never understand how they translated the sound "bow wow" from a dogs mouth though.
-She tilts her head back and does a fake laugh that is absolutely hilarious.
-She gives little love slaps to people's faces when they try and kiss her.
-When she sees someone eating she looks at them like "um, yeah, are you going to give me some of that?"
-Obsessed with animals would be an understatement. She can spot a bird or bug from a mile away.
-I literally put a 12-18 month shirt on her the other day and it fit.
-She loves naked juice.
-And watermelon.
-And cheerios.
-She still despises her carseat.
-She finally knows what an edge is and that she shouldn't get close to it. The other day I was in the kitchen and she was asleep on the bed. I heard a whimper and so I booked it into the bedroom and she was peering over the edge with a "help, what do I do!" face.
-I can tell that she is beginning to recognize a lot more people. She knows her grandparents and is happy to stay with any of them.

Man alive. This girl has my heart. Happy 8 months Norz. 


Independence Day 2013

ahh, 4th of July. 
One of my favorite holidays. I feel like when people talk about holidays, it usually involves sweaters, hot cocoa, and ham. I am so happy that this one is swimming suits, lemonade, and burgers. 
Seriously though, I love the 4th. 
This year ours consisted of all the right things to do on this day. Started off with strawberry waffels and ended with the ever so lovely St. George City firework show. And here are the highlights in between...
-Lexi decorated the house with post-it notes saying "fourfth of july"
-Lunch and the movie National Treasure out by the pool.
-Mitch sunbathing into Batman
-Grandma Wade's annual Uncle Sam party
-Broc's aunt Lindsey's house who lives two houses away from the Sun Bowl.

As a child, I couldn't take my eyes off of the firework display that the City puts on. This time around, I couldn't take my eyes off of Norah watching it. Holidays just got so much more fun with a new little person experiencing everything for the very first time. She was mesmerized. 
Happy Birthday America