Happy Dad's Day!

We have the best dad's in the world. They have been the absolute best examples in our lives and we both don't know where we would be without them! Yesterday I gave my dad a foot massage underneath the dinner table as we ate. That alone should show how much I love that man. ha They really are the best and we hope they had the BEST FATHERS DAY EVER!


For Abby

Last night was the Dixie Rebels Semi-Pro Football game charity game for Abby Doman. Abby is a twelve year girl in need of a heart transplant. Last month Abby colapsed at her school and was without a pulse for over 7 minutes. The surgery will cost 1.5 million dollars and for a single mother of three, it is impossible to achieve alone. As a dancer for this football team, we knew that last nights game would be the biggest of the season, and it was. But at half time when we were told that we had only raised 2,500 from admissions, we knew we had to do more. Myself and the other dancers went through the bleachers asking for donations for Abby. I was amazed at how generous people were. Groups of teenagers would gather their money together before we even came and asked them for it and when one man handed me a $100 bill I got tears in my eyes. It was a successful night for the Doman family and the football team smashed their competition too. We were able to raise over $4,100 for Abby.
To read more about her story visit ksl or her blog.




Count down..

Day 13: Count down to paradise.

We can HARDLY wait for the next two weeks to go by so we can join my sister Ashley in Hawaii!! Broc has never been there so I'm more than excited for him to see where why my family has been obsessed with it. My Grandpa Wade was the President of BYUH when I was a youngster so we spent many a summer days/weeks/months in the Hawaiian sun. I think that every Wade has a little ounce of Poly blood in them.
My Grandma swears she is a Hawaiian woman born in a white body.
Every night I write down a few things in a notebook of little things we can't forget to bring.
Last night I wrote "snorkeling gear" and "waterproof camera case".
We ordered this camera case on amazon a week or so ago and being anxious to try it,
Bryn and Lex helped me out in the pool.
I'm prepared for the next two weeks to by e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y slow.