Christmas 2011


Christmas Eve was spent first at Grandma Nora's house. Tradition has it that we eat a nice dinner together (ham, Broc's favorite) and then we all sit around while Grandma Nora reads us a Christmas story. I love this tradition in Broc's family.
Here's the whole gang.


Grandma Sue also joined us this year and this picture was absolutely priceless!


After Grandma Nora's we went to my families house for the Wade family traditions. Every year we make hot chocolate while making reindeer food (oatmeal, glitter and chopped up carrots) and scatter it on the front lawn and then make a plate of cookies for Santa.



At Thanksgiving we draw names in the family and make them an original homemade gift to be opened on Christmas Eve. This is one of our very favorite parts of Christmas. This year's gifts were as follows
Dad made a gun tripod to shoot from for Broc
Mom made an apron from old jeans and fabric for Lexi
Broc made headphones out of earmuffs for Brynlee
I made a journal and scarf for Mom
Ashley Made a shirt and bow tie for Mitch
Taylor made a book of Psych quotes and pictures for Michael
Michael made a Coldplay bookmark for Ashley
Mitch made a plate of cookies for Dad
Brynlee made an apron from old fabric for me
Lexi made Taylor a Christmas ornament from tin foil for Taylor

And then the children were nestled all snug in their bed...

My favorite part of Christmas this year was seeing the face on this boy when he saw his present...

I think his exact words were "WHAT THE HECK?"
My second favorite part of Christmas was when Broc gave me a "coupon for a baby" and a video camera!

After a day full of family it was time for the Christmas Nativity program at Grandma Wade's. Broc was head Wiseman this year and of course I was Narrator #2 as always.

No wonder Christmas is always my favorite time of year. We have been surrounded by Family and friends and not to mention great food for weeks.
Hoping your Christmas Holiday was as full of love as ours.


The Boys are Back

Broc's Mom Jilynne has been waiting 4 patient years for her family to all be together again.
Broc left on his mission when Auston was only 17
and Auston left just a few months shy of Broc being home.

December 14th 2011 was a very happy day in the Hafen home.
Auston Duke Hafen returned home from serving in North Carolina.





The Hafen boys
What a handsome bunch!

Lots had happened since Broc had seen his little brother.
Two missions were served
One got married
and four years had passed
Broc kept saying "I can't believe how big he is!"
Auston kept saying "I can't believe you're married!"

Celebrity Look-Alike

It's kind of ridiculous how much these people in my family get told they look like celebrities.

Lincoln Burrows vs. Broc

Dad vs. Julian McMahon

Mom vs. Celine Dion

Taylor vs. Kiera Knightley

Man vs. Snow

Last week my family rented a cabin in Brian Head with a couple other family friends. This is one of our favorite things to do in the winter time, get together with family and friends in a warm cabin, drink hot chocolate and play games.
Last year Broc and I weren't able to make it when my family nearly froze to death in an avalanche up in salt lake when their cabin was buried in snow. This year they decided to go a little bit closer to home.
We were about to play murderer in the dark when I noticed Broc wasn't anywhere to be found. I went outside in the freezing, slipped quite a few times on ice (good thing nobody saw that) and yelled his name. This is where I found him... building his own little fire in the snow. He was fully aware that there was a nice big fireplace in the cabin. When I asked him if he was playing Man vs. Wild he just said "Nope, I'm playing Broc Hafen vs..... Broc Hafen. Funny boy I married.
I guess I'm reassured that if we were for whatever reason stuck in snow and needed a fire,
this boy could save us.

We had a fun time for the 12 hours that Broc and I were able to be there due to having to get back for work :/





December. When did you get here?

Well December sort of sneaked up on us. It wasn't until I came up for air from studying for finals, practicing for our dance concert and editing pictures that I realized the holidays are here! So I'm really behind on our lives right about now but I just wanted to check in and remind myself to breath and enjoy my favorite time of year.
P.S. Check out my hot date for our ward Christmas party! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Q-wOfUkZKIw/Tua1aU1z4GI/AAAAAAAAA9g/GwM3qctaX8c/s1600/IMG_3296web.jpg