1. What name did you and your spouse call your baby before you knew the gender?
Sadly, we called it "It".

2. When did "Oh-my-gosh-we're-having-a-baby" really sink it?
For me, when I saw the crib in the baby room. For Broc, "when she is actually born".

3. When you think of yourself as a mom, what's the first thing to come to mind?
To be honest, the first thing I thought of is getting the kids ready for school every day. They will look so darn cute!

4. Is your nursery complete? What's the theme and what do you have left to complete?
Nope! I still need to organize all the clothes and get them put away. I also need a shelf! And a way to organize all her bows and headbands! 

5. List 5 qualities you hope your baby will possess: 
Sweet, friendly, happy, SLEEPY, and beautiful.

6. What's your ideal labor experience?
Painless. But beyond that, I want to enjoy and remember every second of it. 

7. List 5 things that have changed in your relationship with your spouse since you've been pregnant: 
It's hard to make a list of something like this. Our relationship has changed in a lot of ways. In some ways, we're a lot closer than before. Words can't describe how awesome it is to know there is a little human being in my belly that is half him and half me. It's neat to look at him and think of him as a father- the father of OUR baby. I don't think anything can bring two people together more than a little miracle like that. 

8. List 5 things you think will change once your baby arrives: 
Sleep. Sanity. Free time. Priorities. Money.

9. Where do you think you'll be when you go into labor? Why?
I have nightmares that my water will break at work. Since I have requested my maternity leave to start the day before my due date, it is possible. :/

10. Have you been talking to your baby? Playing music?
Yes, we talk to her all the time. Everyone does. My mom, my sister Lexi, Keegan and Broc especially. 

11. In what ways do you hope your baby is like your spouse?
In almost every way. I hope she is selfless and thoughtful. I hope she is polite and respectful. I hope she is funny and charming and a hard worker. All qualities I love about Broc. 

12. In what ways do you hope your baby is like you?
I hope that she is proud of who she is and she doesn't feel the need to hide/change herself or her values to fit in with others. I hope she's creative and passionate. I hope she realizes the importance of family.

13. How long will you wait for the next baby?
Broc says BAM BAM BAM. Pop them out. But I think that I will want to wait so that they are just about 2 years apart. 

14. What kind of grandparents do you think your baby will have? 
The best. That is the only answer. I honestly cannot think of two better women to be her gmas than mine and Broc's moms. They are both the sweetest women I have ever met and both love her so much already. My dad will be the crazy funny gpa and Broc's dad will be the lovable teddy bear gpa. This baby is so lucky! 

15. Who will be with you during labor? Who will visit you in the hospital during your recovery? 
Broc better be there! And I want all the visitors I can get! We have tons of family so I don't think we will ever be bored. 

16. How much will you tell your baby (child, teenager) about your past? Why/why not?
I want to be an open book for my kids. I believe we all learn from our past and those are experiences we should share, especially with our children. 

17. Do you have any hopes for your child's activities? (Sports, academics, school preference, activities, etc)
I want my children to be involved and exposed to anything they show an interest in. Even if that means I have to sit through years of baseball games (not the biggest baseball fan). I want them to try new things, different things. And school will always be a huge priority. I look forward to late night science fair projects. 

18. In what ways do you hope you'll parent like your parents did? In what ways do you hope you aren't like them? 
As a child I always complained about little things my parents would do, but in hindsight, I love the way that I was raised. My parents taught me good principals by way of habit (I wrote in my journal every sunday for my whole life). I always felt loved and was told how important I was to them. I guess the only thing I would do differently, is let my children learn more from their mistakes. I didn't have a whole lot of leeway to make my own decisions as a youngster, maybe that is a contributing factor to why I am so indecisive! ha 

19. Which childhood memory do you hope your child will have (similar to one you fondly remember)? 
I hope that we have a big family. I also hope to make family time a priority. I think the relationships I have with my family are the deepest and most important to me in my life. I want to take lots of family vacations. Those were always my most fondest memories. 

20. And finally, Be annoying! What "advice" do you want newly pregnant women to know?
You get much much bigger than you could have every thought at the beginning. Don't be afraid of maternity clothes. Document the whole process. Take pictures and write down your feelings. Enjoy every second. Even the crappy ones, yes there will be times when your ribs feel broken, like mine right now. But it is the coolest and most surreal experience I have ever had!

Showered with love.

Yesterday I was showered more than I have the ability to express gratitude for. 
My mom, sisters, and Becky Arnold planned the sweetest baby shower for me and the turn out was amazing.  I am overwhelmed with the generosity of those who came and celebrated with us.
A big thank you to all of you who came and those of you who helped with food (my awesome aunts).
This baby girl got spoiled!



Photo by erinhafen

This morning Broc and I were talking and as he was holding my tummy, his exact words were 
"She is so close but so far!"
Cheesy or not, that is exactly how I have been feeling this week. It is crazy the kind of bond you develop with an unborn child. 
I know her sleeping schedule, 
I know her strength,
 I know her foot in my rib
 but mostly, I feel like I kind of know her little spirit. 
These next six weeks will probably be the longest of my life.



I feel like this week I have turned into a balloon.
People have been joking with me since the beginning asking if I can still see my feet.
Well... guess what? It happened. I was in the shower and I looked down and my feet were gone.
Down to 7 weeks left. Holy smokes. 

How far along?  33 weeks. 1 day.
Total weight gain/loss?  21 lbs.
Maternity clothes?  Yes!
Stretch marks? None, thank goodness. 
Sleep?  I finally stole a body pillow from my parents house. Best decision I ever made.
Best moment last week? My doctors appointment and registering for my shower!
Movement?  I literally have a bruise on the upper part of my right rib from her midnight aerobic exercise.  
Food cravings?  WATER! And any kind of juice. Which is not good given the fact that I already have to pee like twice as much as before.
Labor signs? None.
Belly button in/out? Pretty flat. Pretty funny looking.
What I miss: Being comfortable.
What I am looking forward to: Going to bed tonight.
Milestones: Loosing sight of my feet. Still weirded out by it!

Okay, check out my handsome husband on our way to my friend Sami's wedding yesterday.
I hope this baby girl gets his good looks! 



Here we are.
32 weeks and counting. 

How far along: 32 Weeks. Holy cow this is coming up quick!
How big is baby:  According to my pregnancy app, she is just about 16.7 inches long and close to 4 lbs!
Total weight gain:  Not sure, I don't own a scale.
Maternity clothes: Yes! I am a believer, although I still try to fit into my old stuff.
Sleep:  Broc and I are looking in to getting a king size bed asap. There is just not enough room for him, me and my 5 pillows.
Best moment of the week:  Buying the cutest bassinet ever!
Food cravings:  Orange Juice!
Movement:  I think she is doing zumba in my stomach sometimes. She is crazy.
What I’m looking forward to:  My dr. appointment tomorrow!
What I miss:  Having a pain free back.

We cannot wait to meet our little missy. 
I have had some seriously vivid dreams about her lately 
and wake up so disappointed that she is not here yet.
This week I have wanted nothing more than to sit down 100% of the time.
The only problem is, if I sit down, my back feels like there is a knife lodged just right of my spine. 
The only remedy is to stand.
So I am standing over the computer right now writing this post.
I told Broc that he is going to be pregnant with the next one.
He kindly agreed he would see what he could do about that.

Even though my body feels like it is falling apart, there is nothing like waking up in the wee hours of the morning to your baby girl reminding you that she is there.



September 3rd. 
Yes, it is Labor day, 
which is great!

But more importantly, 
2 months until the official due date of our little lady!

And if you were wondering, I won the first game of bowling.
We won't mention that is because Broc was teaching himself how to throw a spin ball and got a gutter every time. 
But when he throws it straight! He gets a dang strike every time!
We tied the second game with a whopping 83!

Happy Labor Day!
Lets hope I am in real labor two months from now.