Look how far we've come my baby

Yes I did just use a lyric from a Shania Twain song as the title of this post.
Don't laugh. It fits I promise.
It's been 3 whole years since Broc left on his mission! April 30th 2008 started an exciting/sad/really cool/crazy long adventure for the both of us. I remember the night that we said goodbye I was a total mess. My very best friend was leaving me and I wasn't grasping the reality of it too well. I had asked Broc to give me a blessing before he left and we had just never got around to it. We were now down to the minutes before he was set apart. All our friends and Broc's family were at his house saying goodbyes. I had to take a second by myself to control my emotions. I stepped into the darkness of the front living room and had myself a good cry. Before I knew it Broc walked in all dressed in his suit. Behind him followed all of my close guy friends all dressed in shirt and tie with Broc's dad Travis. I wasn't sure what was going on but Broc pulled a chair out to the middle of the floor and asked if he could give me a blessing. I was surrounded by my closest friends and Broc offered a beautiful blessing.
The moment we said "amen" the wait began...
So to again quote Shania
"We mighta took the long way
We knew we'd get there someday
They said, "I bet they'll never make it"
But just look at us holding on
We're still together still going strong"


Easter weekend

We started out the morning at the neighborhood party.
Lexi and I had fun on the blow up slide and we got to see our favorite baby Keegan!
Then it was on to the Esplin Family Easter party at the park.


Highlights of Easter Saturday:
Doug smashed a raw egg on Adam
Delaney was dressed like a peep (so cute)
Taylor fell down 4 rows of bleachers
(this was actually later in the day at a basketball game. But definitely so so funny)
Sandy made her amazing brownies
I flew a kite for the first time in years


Easter Day:

Broc and I were going to hide our Easter baskets
for each other but we realized there weren't any good
places in our small apartment so we just gave them to each other.



Highlights of Easter Day:
Broc wore his yellow tie with a duck on it
We saw Broc's parents and Sage sing in their ward Easter program
I gave the lesson in relief society and am relieved it's over.
Eating Easter dinner with Broc's Family
Eating another Easter dinner with the Wades + Easter program + Heidi's strawberry shortcake.

To sum things up, our first Easter together was wonderful!


Behind the camera

Broc and I have been keeping pretty dang busy between work, school and other things. I've been doing a lot of photography lately (which I LOVE). My eyes hurt some nights when I get in bed because I get addicted to editing and stare at the computer for far too long. Here's a peak into the recent shoots...

I grew up next door with this gorgeous girl and I'm so excited for her and her cute fiance. They make a darling couple! Congrats Amy and Josh!




We're all so excited for this couple to get married! Jordan and Laura are adorable and we're so excited to get Laura in our family!





He must love me.

This morning I asked Mr. Hafen if he'd like to accompany me to a dance concert that evening.
He thought for a second and then said "uh....."
He has been such a trooper throughout all my years of dancing that I did feel bad asking him to come watch more dance that I wouldn't even be in so I asked my sister Taylor if she'd like to go.
When I got home from work Broc said,
"okay, what time is this show thing?"
He must love me.
Taylor and I watched the dance concert
while Broc had an entirely different concert through his ear phones.

He was bobbing his head while a ballet number was being performed.
He'd clap louder (and longer) than everyone else because he couldn't hear it over his music.
I took one of the earphones for a second and even caught him listening to Justin Bieber's "Baby".
He must love me.
And I must love dance.
And my Mr. Hafen.





Well I've almost been 22 for a whole month now but I'm just finally getting around to blogging about it. Broc has been absent for my last 3 birthdays so this was an exciting one for me to have him here. I'm not one to make a big deal about my birthday but Broc and our families spoiled me like crazy. I'm one blessed and lucky girl.

And lets not forget Cindy. I love her birthday presents!http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-5U9AFjkfDlE/TapDgIC8SvI/AAAAAAAAAoI/-7t17Bg_KAI/s1600/IMG_1116.JPG
And Lexa Lou!

and my co-workers


And of course my wonderful husband!

And family!

Broc's family! I decided we need to take more pictures because I'm thankful for you too! :)
Love you all.


Date night at the gym

Everyone always mentions the freshman 15 but no one every acknowledges the married 30. Okay I just made that up but for real. Broc and I always talk about how we're not going to be that couple that gets married and doesn't care about their health or appearance anymore. And ever since we've been married we've talked about joining a gym together. This week Broc joined the gym that I already go to and we're both excited about it. The funny thing is that Broc has never actually worked out in a public gym. He does home work outs and stays active but he was a little anxious about going. We went and bought him some new shoes (check them out below) and headed to the gym last night. I think that it's pretty safe to say he's hooked and we're getting ready for swim suit season! :)