My husband rocks.

Broc came home about 2 weeks before Christmas saying that he found my christmas present and that it was going to be awesome. He told me that we had a limit on each others gifts of $100 and that his was even under that much. He bragged and bragged about how much I would love what he got me and I struggled and struggled to get him something that would compete with the bragging for under $100.
On christmas morning I found out that my husband is a liar.


Christmas Traditions

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love love love christmas. Before I got married I was the one to hang the lights on our house, I brought up the tree the day after Thanksgiving, I played Amy Grant christmas music in September... don't judge me. I love the holidays! This year was close to no different. We were on our honeymoon for Thanksgiving so I made my family wait to put up their tree for when I could be there. My sister Taylor took the responsibility of putting up the lights on the house and Amy Grant came on the ipod speakers a little late but she was still there during all of the cinnamon roll making. Broc and I even had our own little christmas tree in our apartment. Christmas kinda just crept up on us all this year I think. It was the wedding and then BAM we were out caroling. But christmas with my family never disappoints. And this year I got to spend it with another whole family with new traditions. Broc's family knows how to celebrate christmas with the best of them. Here are some of the traditions that will live on forever...

Homemade gifts-
Every year we draw a name out of the family to make a homemade gift for to be opened on Christmas Eve. It's a surprise on who you have and what you make. Here are some of the ones from this year...
I made Brynlee a headband
Dad made Lex a necklace
Mom made Broc some pjs
Ashley and Taylor made mom and dad snuggies
Michael made Mitch a gum ball machine
Gifts not pictured: Broc made me a computer cover
Mitch and Brynlee made purses for Ashley and Taylor
Lexi made a coloring book for Michael

The Nativity-
We always joke in my family that my moms side and my dads side are very different. Not in any bad ways, just different. The best way to describe that is the example of our Nativity. We do the reenactment of the Nativity every year on both sides. Here's the difference:

The Esplins The Wades

Esplins put their sweatshirts on their heads as shepherds. The Wades go into hair and make up before the show. Both, The best Christmas traditions ever.



Broc and I have had the same group of friends since high school and some of those individual friendships go back much further. This Christmas break we've spent a lot more time with them and I am always reminded of why we love them so much! We went to Russ Christensen's cabin a couple days before Christmas. Here are some of the highlights...

The camera was set to "self timer" and was sitting on a dresser right below a mirror. We all smiled like this for at least 10 seconds. The mirror made it hilarious.

Russ found his moms' silky pj's and wore them to bed
cousin cousin cousin
And it's not a party until Crystal puts an owl on her head and walks around spooking people.
There is always a sing-along when we get together.
It mostly starts with "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

And ends with "Counterpoint"

Life's always a little bit better when we're all around.



Here ya go Jessica. I'm finally blogging about our honeymoon. You have something new to read at work again. Broc and I chose to take a cruise to Catalina and Ensenada Mexico for our honeymoon. I had been on a cruise when I was seven but don't have many fond memories of it because I was stuck in the kiddie camp the whole time while my parents went to my dad's work conventions on board. All I remember was making tambourines out of paper plates and beans. Broc had never been so we decided to give it a shot.

Day #1
We woke up early, scraped off the windows and set off to California. We got to Long Beach with no problem but getting to the pier we had some trouble.But eventually we got there just in time to wait in line after line. We were going through security and they seemed like big sticklers about what was allowed on the ship. Broc had his butterfly pocket knife on him and quietly asked where he could turn it in and pick it up after the week but the woman quietly replied in almost a whisper "just put it back in your pocket". Ha that made us feel safe. We got settled into our room and then had to go to a safety orientation in the main lounge. The ship was beautiful so we didn't mind sitting in the lounge listening to our South American cruise director give instructions that no one listened to nor understood. The best part was on any announcement over the loud speaker he would finish with "ciao for now! woo hoo!".
We found the 24 hour buffet which we visited almost all 24 of the day. And we went to the dinning room and met the other people on our table. They were two couples also on their honeymoon! and from Utah! We got along great. Especially with our polish waiter. The trick is to order 2 or 3 entrees because one is never big enough.
Day #2
Catalina day! We ate breakfast at the buffet on the ship. The funniest part of the morning was looking over and seeing an older couple that had 6 bud lights for the two of them! for breakfast! Oh you gotta love cruise drunks. Some of our best entertainment of the week was paid for on other people's drinking tabs. We had a great time at Catalina.
We just walked up and down the streets and in and out of shops most of the time. It's a beautiful island and Broc fell in love with it. We ate lunch on a street bench and Broc couldn't resist feeding the dozens of pigeons. He threw a milk dud on the floor and almost killed one! Seriously I thought after having that big hunk of chocolate and caramel goodness jammed in his throat he would just eventually just tip over dead. Oh Broc. So mature. Love him though.
After a day of the island we made it back to the ship just in time to get ready for formal night. We went to a comic before dinner and laughed our heads off. During dinner that night all of the waiters sang for everyone. With all of their accents combined it made for a hilarious show. The six beer drinkers just happened to be on a table next to ours. She was decked out in sequins and he was in a tuxedo topped off with a cowboy hat, beers in both hands.
Day #3
Ensenada day! We got off the ship and took a bus to La Bufadora, a huge natural blow hole. The bus ride was about an hour long so we got to see a lot of the city. It was freezing that day! We got off the bus and had to walk through a bunch of vendors to get to the blow hole. Broc's good at bargaining! He scored me a beanie to warm my freezing head!

We went back to the ship early that day because it was so very cold. We got the first season of Boy Meets World for our wedding so we watched that in our room for like 4 hours straight. We had dinner that night at the same table with the same waiters with the same people but a different menu. Everything was so good!! The pictures were posted that night of the formal night the night before. Broc and I walked around for forever just laughing at most of them because of how funny some cruisers can be. Then we hit up the 24 hour ice cream bar before going to bed.

Day #4
At Sea
I got up early to go to the gym on board because there is no feeling like you haven't gained 40 lbs. while on a cruise. We got a late breakfast and just hung around the top deck for most of the day. There was an ice sculptor that sculpted a huge indian chief head in honor of Thanksgiving that day. There were people that actually got in their bathing suits and were laying on lounge chairs with goose bumps covering their bodies. Broc and I felt great just laying on lounge chairs in pants and a jacket. For dinner that night they had a thanksgiving option on the menu but because almost every single one of the employees on ship and most of the guests weren't american it didn't seem like the holiday. But we got mashed potatoes and turkey to celebrate with the two other couples on our table. The waiters that night sang "Leaving on a jet plane" in honor of the last night on the ship. It was priceless.
(more pictures coming soon)

Day #5
Leaving back home
We got off the ship by about 8:30 a.m. because we were smart and didn't check any luggage in to be carried off for us. We were sad to be leaving but excited to be going home to our cute apartment and all our family and friends that were still home for thanksgiving. The best part about leaving was the excitement of starting "real" life together.... and so far we LOVE it. :)

Ciao for now! Woo Hoo.


pink towels and other married things

Don't think that I got married and fell off the face of the planet because I haven't posted anything in a while. Us newly weds don't have internet at the moment and it's KILLING me. Here are some of the recent adventures of the new Hafen pair...

-We slept on sleeping bags as sheets for the first two weeks of marriage.
-I turned our white towels pink yesterday.
-We are AWESOME at warming up left overs now.
-Saturday night date night consisted of wandering around barnes and noble debating on what to buy with our wedding gift cards. We were there for over an hour.
-We found out that we're horrible grocery shoppers. So excited to come home and make dinner with what we bought but realized you can't make anything with flour, oil, ranch and grapes.
-took a lot of gifts back to target and made a bet on how much we'd get back for them. Broc was $2.05 off. The prize was getting fifteen dollars to spend however you wanted at target and of course Broc's choice was to not spend it at all.
-We are overly obsessed with Boy Meets World now. Got the first season for the wedding and have since bought the 3rd and 4th. Still trying to locate the 2nd.
-Found out that we both cook top roman differently. I couldn't imagine there would be more than one way.

So life is good at the Tamarak Condos. Still waiting for our land lord to come take the massive horse painting away. When your biggest worry is trying to figure out what the best thing to use to scrape your car windows in the morning is, then I consider life pretty great.

The Hafens


The Hafens

That's right, we're married now. November 20th was the day we became the Hafen's. I wish writing a blog post about it would do it justice, but even if I had the best blogger I know write it (katie wade-kapoesy) I don't think we could recap the magic of that day.
Here are a couple pictures. Many many more to come.


losing it

Amidst all this wedding stuff I think it's fair to say that I'm officially losing it. This morning proved it. Every monday night I dreadfully set my alarm for 4:48 a.m. to make it to kalamity practice at 5:00 (Kalamity (Ka-LAM-it-ee): a sicky sick sick hiphop group). I usually get home around 6:30 to a still silent and sleepy house, except my 11 year old brother Mitch. He's always up watching mythbusters at the crack of dawn. Today I had to work at the Zions Bank Hurricane branch. I got on the freeway and imediately started stressing about what I had to get done for the wedding when I got off work. My mind was going 300 miles an hour and my car going just shy of that when it dawned on me that I had passed the Hurricane exit long before. I was half way to Cedar City. I would have driven to Provo had I not looked down and saw that I was in my work clothes. I had to keep driving ten minutes to the next exit and then explore in a one street town for the I-15 S entrance. That actually didn't take too long. It was a one street town. Now I'm standing at a teller station at an almost never visted branch needing to feel productive since there is so much I could be doing so I'm writing this post just to keep me from going insane. And that was a run on sentance. I'm losing it.


Special Days

I saw on a few different blogs of recently married girls a compilation of "Special Days".
Here's ours...

August 1994
played with him

December 2005
hung out with him

January 1st 2006
danced with him

January 21st 2006
had my eye on him

February 11th 2006
kissed him

February 14th 2006
dated him

December 31st 2006
loved him

April 30th 2008
missed him

March 25th 2010
reunited with him

September 4th 2010
engaged to him

November 20th 2010
marrying him



oh man. Let me just tell you about this photoshoot


1. we had to reschedule because we were notified the day before the original shoot that the dress wasn't going to be done.
2. I had just gotten back from New York the day before and hadn't thought about getting a hair appointment or a bouquet made.
3. It poured all day and we wondered if we would have to reschedule for a second time.

1. The dress turned out more gorgeous than I had ever dreamed of.
2. Costco had the most gorgeous flowers that day and I just happened to have the time to throw a bouquet and boutonniere together 2 hours before.
3. My hair did what I wanted it to with the limited amount of bobby pins I had.
4. The rain stopped an hour before and picked back up 15 minutes after finishing shooting.
5. We had an amazing photographer.
6. My mom was a fantastic assistant.
7. Broc picked out his own suit and tie. They look great.
8. Kara let me borrow her veil.
9. Broc is the most handsome boy/groom ever.
10. We're in love.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons and to top it all off, the pictures look fabulous. enjoy. :)


One Month!

In one month from today we'll be Mr. and Mrs. Hafen.
Here's a sneak peek at our session tonight.
Katie, your prayers worked. It started pouring rain just minutes after we finished.
Can't wait to see the rest! Thanks Errin Andrus Photography!


Underestimated the BEYOND

Today Broc and I went to register at Bed Bath & BEYOND. Thinking it was going to take no more than a half hour or so, we went in with empty stomachs and smiling faces. We walked in and expected to get right with the scanning but the customer service rep Samantha, took us into a designated office specifically for gift registry. We listened to a whole presentation about fine china and luggage. We got more information in that half hour with the her about wedding registry than we thought existed. She took us on a tour of the store and pointed out to us that the section with measuring cups, ice cream scoopers, and cheese graters lining the wall from floor to ceiling was the "kitchen essentials" area. I thought it was obvious. Samantha was just doing her job. And she was great at it. Thanks Samantha. Here are some of the instruction she gave us...
1. You want to register for 2 to 3 times the amount of people you are inviting to the wedding.
-that put us at over 2,000 items "ideally" to scan. By the end we got to 248.
2. If you scan an item and you want to erase it from the registry just scan the "oops" bar code in the HUGE catalog you received during the presentation.
-With Broc handling the scanner and playing the game "lets see how far away this thing can scan from" We used that "oops" bar code all day.
3. This is your chance to get the things that you really want. Go ahead and pick out the things that are worth most to you and you would want as a gift.
-Broc registered for a new razor and I scanned for the snuggie.So with these few pointers, we were off. We completely underestimated the time this would take until Samantha found us an hour later in the same area we started in to offer us water bottles. She said "I know how draining this can be". We knew then that we were in for the long haul.

Something that I didn't know is that Broc is kind of obsessed with dyson vacuums. So if any of you people reading this are rich enough to buy us the dyson vacuum, Broc would greatly appreciate it. As we were looking at the more reasonable priced vacuums, I spotted a nice inexpensive vacuum that was a light shade of purple. This was Broc's response word for word "Eh..." as he tilts is head and squints his eyes "I don't like the color. But I mean... if you'll do most of the vacuuming... I'm game". Lets just say we registered for an orange one.
We were furiously scanning items to try to get up to the 2,000+ suggested so that when we returned back to Samantha, she didn't think we were retarded and indecisive. We scanned some pretty interesting things including a grilled cheese maker, a single egg frying pan with a handle shaped as an egg with chicken features, a movie projector, Christmas garland, a crock-pot the size of an orange and the already mentioned snuggie. The items that barely missed the list in fear of embarrassment or actually receiving these items were the magnified toenail clippers, the "erin" heart keychain, the pig shaped kitchen timer, and the strap perfect bra concealer clip as seen on infomercials.

We didn't actually make it to 2,000 items before we were wasted and hungry beyond belief. So you all can duke it out for the 248 random items we did register for. There is actually a lot more BEYOND than they make you think. Thanks again Samantha, those water bottles saved our lives today.