I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
This week I was excited to go to the doctor and have him tell me how dilated I was. 
When he told me I was barely at a 1, first I wanted to scream and then I just wanted to lay on that table and cry. I almost felt a sense of shame like he had expected me to be further along. 
At least I expected it.
Needless to say, I became determined.

Broc and I have become a couple of walking fools. We have walked so much that I am embarrassed to say that I am actually getting shin splints in my right leg. 
I rather like taking walks with my husband, 
I think I will have to continue it even after the baby is here. 
However, after a long walk, I go home feeling like I have been riding a horse for days, 
you all know the saddle walk I am talking about. 

So, I have another appointment on Tuesday.
And I dang well be further along.
It is crazy how impatient you get these last few weeks of pregnancy.
I am ashamed to say that I am already a kind of impatient girl so this is killing me.
I keep finding myself thinking things like 
"will this be the last time I buy a carton of milk before she comes?"
or "is this the last time I will have to change the toilet paper roll before she is here?"
We are just DYING to meet this little lady.
One of my favorite parts about this week is seeing Broc so anxious and excited for her to come.
I just know he will be the best dad.
He already loves her so much.
We both do.
Come on sweet little one.

"Will this be the last blog post before she comes?"



As much as I hate to admit it, 
I have become a waddler!
I think it might have a little something to do with walking up and down the stairs for half and hour, followed by jumping on the trampoline trying to get this baby ready to come.
What can I say? We are a little excited to meet her already!

Yesterday Broc and I went on a little day date to main street.
We got sodas at Judds, cupcakes at 25 main and just strolled hand in hand for the afternoon.
It was a perfect way to spend one of our last days before we become a family of three.
Afterwards, we went to my parents house to carve pumpkins with the family. 

Photo by erinhafen 

My dad got really in to the pumpkin decorating this year. 
He had way too much fun with his pumpkin covered in warts. 
Michael had to substitute with mr. potato-like pieces after he accidentally-on purpose cut holes out of every side of his pumpkin. 
Broc and I carved the skeleton and my 13 year old brother mitch did the awesome witch!
Not pictured, Lexi and Brynlee's awesome polka-dot spiral pumpkin.
(my camera died before I could get a shot of it, but it was great)


Come on home.

You can come any day my dear, we are ready.



This week has been a little more, shall we say uncomfortable for this mama.
It is like all of a sudden this baby girl is twice the size she was last week and my stomach is just not accommodating her comfortably. 
So sweetheart, I invite you ever so kindly to come out and grace us with your presence.
Like any day will do.
Your mama and dad are so excited that we can hardly stand it.
Quite literally 
 (for me)

A little husband brag time now. 
Broc has become quite the handy man these days.
 This week he tackled some pluming issues we had been having in our kitchen.
What a guy.

And here is a sneak peek at our family room since the re-model



Well I can officially call myself 8 months pregnant. That seems pretty monumental if you ask me and I have been waiting for something monumental for a while now. This week I have definitely started feeling 8 months pregnant. I have had a pretty amazing and smooth sailing pregnancy thus far but this week I have found myself complaining an awful lot about my discomfort. I feel pretty pathetic when I have to have Broc hoist me off the couch every night. 

Best thing about this week: My Dad is THE BEST and got me a prenatal massage. It was heavenly. So heavenly that I accidentally bought two more massages from the masseuse after we were through. She was doing some reflexology on my feet and told me where you rub to go into labor. I told her that I wouldn't be mad at all if she worked on that section, but she wouldn't. ha

Worst thing about this week: I have had some major pain on the top right portion of my stomach. Like weird, ripping, feels like I have a 3rd degree burn kind of pain. I have read up about it and the only thing that explains it is muscles being separated. So for the past few nights I have slept with an ice pack. It is pretty painful and feels like someone is stabbing me with a needle! Not the best sensation.

Today I got most of the nursery organized. Her clothes are all hung and folded and just waiting for her little body to fill them. I honestly cannot believe she will be here so soon. 
Life could not get any better and we could not be any more excited!